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Electronic laboratory notebooks - Managing your research projects



Special online presentation by Felipe Perez-Jvostov (Office of the Vice-Principal, Research and Innovation) and Alisa Rod (McGill Libraries) on an introduction to Open Science Framework (OSF) and other tools.

OSF allows for a one-stop-shop for open scientific workflows. As a collaboration tool, OSF helps research teams work on projects privately or make the entire project publicly access- ible for broad dissemination. As a workflow system, it enables connections to many products researchers already use (e.g., Box, GitHub, or Mendeley), while also manage files, data, code, and protocols in one centralized location and easily build custom organization for their unique needs. In this presentation, the McGill Libraries and the Office of the Vice-Principal Research and Innovation will showcase the functionalities of OSF in the context of research projects, as well as how to use it in tandem with other tools like OneDrive and Google Drive

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Contact Information

Felipe Perez-Jvostov
Office of the Vice-Principal, Research and Innovation
felipe.perezjvostov [at]
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