Giving Back to Mac

Supporting Your Alma Mater

Contributions made by alumni and friends provide critical funding that enables Macdonald to offer students an experience that surpasses their already high expectations for McGill. Here are a number of programs that you can direct your gift to, ensuring that your generosity has an impact that is meaningful to you.

Macdonald's Greatest Needs - Allocation code 02111 Scholarships nad Student Awards - Allocation code 00311
Macdnald farm Community Engagement Centre - Allocation code 05385 Support SEEF - Allocation code 05780

Support the Internship Program - Allocation code 04782


If you would like more information or would like to learn about other other programs at Macdonald, please contact Nadia Wendowsky at nadia.wendowsky [at] or 514-398-7593.

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