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Student Experience Enhancement Fund (SEEF)

Student Experience Enhancement Fund (SEEF)The Student Experience Enhancement Fund (SEEF) for the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences is designed to provide funding for experiential non-academic learning initiatives. These active learning opportunities foster intentional reflection as well as the acquisition of knowledge, skills and values going above and beyond the traditional classroom experience.

Examples of opportunities which may be eligible for funding include:  Non-Credit Internships; Independent Research; International Volunteering or Internships; Academic Conferences where students are making significant presentations.

Awards issued by the SEEF will be based on application review, where full-time individual students or student groups registered in the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences may submit funding requests with a maximum of $2,000 awarded to any one student or $5,000 to any one group-based project.

Next SEEF Funding will be in Winter 2022

QUESTIONS? Please contact Lisa Allsopp, Macdonald Campus University Advancement Office, by lisa.allsopp [at] (email) or at 514-398-7984.


  • All applicants must be full-time students registered in the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences; university-recognized groups or clubs in the Faculty may also apply, as long as all members meet the first requirement. Funding will only be awarded to projects or initiatives that clearly demonstrate that they are complimentary to the student learning experience
  • All fund recipients must be full-time registered students in the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, in the Term(s) that they will be using the funds.
  • Awards will have a maximum value of $2,000 for individual students or up to $5,000 for any group
  • Next SEEF Funding will be in Winter 2022

Review Process

  • Applications will be reviewed by the Dean (FAES)

A SEEF administrator will inform the applicant(s) of any decision and release the funds where applicable. Successful applicants are required to advertise the support of the SEEF in all posters and promotional material. All recipients of funding are also required to provide a final report (including a summary of the outcome of the project and feedback on the experience) to the FAES University Advancement Office within 30 days of the project's completion. Applicants who do not submit a final report may be ineligible for future funding. Recipients of funding may be requested to present to the Faculty Advisory Board at a future date.

Support the SEEF

To make a contribution to the SEEF follow the guidelines below or contact nadia.wendowsky [at] (Nadia Wendowsky), Associate Director of Development, University Advancement Office, Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences,  514-398-7593.

Ways to Give:

  1. By Cheque – Please send your cheque to McGill University, University Advancement Office, Laird Room 199B, 21,111 Lakeshore Road, Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec, H9X 3V9
  2. By Credit Card - Phone Nadia Wendowsky at 514-398-7593
  3. By Credit Card – Online - please follow this link

Always specify your intention to support the SEEF. Our fund allocation code is - 05780. Indicating this on your cheque or in “other” comments will ensure your gift supports the causes which are of importance to you.

Funded SEEF Projects


MENU 2020




The Macdonald Permaculture Showcase Garden

Enhancing Food Sovereignty with Native Species in Nariño, Colombia

McGill University Quarter Scale Tractor Pulling Team (MUTRAC)

Hot Cities of the World Tour

Lotus Drop

MENU 2018



Mengyin Hong, PhD candidate (Human Nutrition) and Zoey Li, Dietetics (U3)                        

Yumitrition was created as a Diabetes Support Program for the Montreal Community is an interactive community project aims to integrate the talent and knowledge of dietetics and nutrition students at McGill to raise awareness and provide support for the growing diabetic community in Montreal.

Our objective is to form a diabetes ecosystem through two platforms: 

  • Social Platform: to connect the students and the local community through website, forums, social medias and community meetup social events
  • Knowledge Platform: to encourage students to share the latest diabetic knowledge by posting articles on the website and to host cooking workshops/classes in the Food Labs on campus to help the local diabetic community

Since the project application in November, our project has grown far beyond just a social and knowledge platform.

Workshops: With the SEEF funding we were able to finance our initial workshops for nutrition and dietetic students to better understand blogging on social media. We invited professional food bloggers to explain the importance of the visual world online to grab peoples’ attention. Our 5 workshops in 1 semester was able to provide students with knowledge that they currently do not experience in school. We constantly focus on different topics with our workshops. Topic include, writing style development, food photography, professionalism, ethics and more.

Read YUMiTRITION's report

2015 - Pum' Crisps

Tamao Tsutsumi,BSc(FSc)'16; Anne Frazer-McKee, BSc(FSc)'16; Sonia Perillat-Amedee, BSc(FSc)'17

Our product began as a project in Dr. Karboune’s class at the Macdonald Campus of McGill University in September 2015. Once we had developed our concept, we entered Pulse Canada’s Mission ImPULSEible. In January 2016, we were selected as the winner of the Quebec division and were given the opportunity to showcase our product at CIFST’s biannual conference in Vancouver, British Columbia. Although we were not selected as winners at this final competition, we were invited to present our product at McGill’s Convergent Innovation Conference in March 2016 along with many leaders of the food industry.

At P2, Healthy Has Never Been So Tempting. Our product, Pum’ Crisps, combines the deliciousness of apples and cranberries, the vibrancy of beets, and the healthiness of pulses to bring innovation to the snack market. Wholesome lentil and chickpea flours are mixed with pomace and pea protein for a dense snack. For a touch of indulgence, the crisps are covered in a scrumptious chocolate drizzle enriched with pea protein for a total pulse content of more than 65%.

Funds for Success. The funding provided to us was vital to our success. With this money, we were able to purchase the necessary ingredients and equipment (juicer, dehydrator, and vacuum sealer) required to develop the product to its full potential. This equipment allowed us to prepare the product before our travels to Vancouver, while conserving its freshness. The remainder of the money was used to cover travel expenses (plane and hotel) in order to compete in the national competition.

Read Pum'Crisps' report

2014 - Hot Cities of the World Tour

A life changing experience: After hearing about the Hot Cities of the World Tour offered by the Desautels Faculty of Management, Mathieu Rouleau, FMT'13, BSc (AgrEnvSc)'16 and Peter Tikasz, BSc (AgEnvSc)'13, MSc, applied to SEEF to participate in the 2015 tour.

Hot Cities of the World Tour is an undercover business field trip, under the direction of Professor Karl Moore, that aims to provide a global experience of various economic climates for both students and alumni. Annually since 2007, a group of 40 people are selected and travel across the globe to meet with various industries, government officials, banks and journalists, in a public and private sectors, in both emerging and developing countries. Within a period of 10 days, the objective of this tour is to allow students to experience the global market, to understand the various points of view of local managers and to create a picture of the economic market outside North America. By travelling in emerging and developing countries, this trip allows students to face current issues and think about the upcoming challenges that they will face in the next 5, 10 and 20 years. Each year, part of the travel focuses on the human impact on its environment.

This tour also allows students to help out in various non-for-profit organizations and to realize the importance of a small gesture on someone else’s life, especially the ones in need. It also promotes the importance of communications and teamwork, especially today where everyone is one click away.

Read more about Mathieu and Peter's experience.


To learn more about this project/Pour en savoir plus:
Nadia Wendowsky | nadia.wendowsky [at]  | 514-398-7593

Allocation code: 05780

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