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The Sir William Macdonald Giving Society was launched at the 2008 Homecoming celebrations. The Society recognizes Macdonald Alumni who have made Annual Fund gifts for the last three or more consecutive years. All annual fund gifts of any amount to any designation are recognized by the Society.

Membership Benefits

  • A commemorative pin
  • Recognition online and on the donor wall at Macdonald Campus
  • Advance notice of special events
  • Annual newsletter

2023 giving at a glance

Thanks to members, our students are fulfilling their potential. Your generosity helps our students become confident and engaged members of the community, making an impact at Macdonald and around the world!

530 members
$196,568 given
74 departments, projects & initiatives supported

Loyal Supporters

The Society recognizes Macdonald Alumni who have made Annual Fund gifts for the last three or more consecutive years.

Thank you for your continued support!

Carla Abbatemarco
Mehdi Abdelwahab
Stephen M Adler
Anna Aguzzi
Ann Anderson
Gordon C Anderson
Anton Angelich
Jamie Angus
Dharam Jit Singh Arora

Joan Augustine
Gordon Barnett
Emmy Beauchamp
Byron E Beeler
Caroline Begg
Ann Olney Belden
Graeme Lorne Bell
Daniel Berndt
Hervé Bernier
Pascale Bilodeau
Dale Blakely
France Boily
Bud Borglum
Franco Boriero
Martine Bourgeois
Garth K Bracken
Robert S Broughton
Susan Bryson
Kimberly Bull
Ellen Bulow
Jennifer Burnham
Dale R Burns
Donald L Byers
Jose G Carreno
Stephen D Casselman
Louise Chalouh
Virginia LeDain Chaplin
Chujian Chen
Marie-France Chevrefils
Gerald Edward Chevrier
Susan Childs
Kirsten (Moss) Chlebovec
Eric Christensen
Marilyn (Parks) Cieremans
Sylvain Cloutier
Harold and Helen Cook

Patrick Cortbaoui
Don Cotton
Mary (Stobo) Craig
Lyall Crober
Ian L Cubitt
Denis B Daly
Josée Desranleau
Marilyn L (Gray) Dickinson
Phyllis Allen Donaghy
Lawrence Donoghue
David R Douglas
Charles Martin Dozois
E Lawson Drake
Marilyn McDonald Dubuc
Alexander Ednie
Ivor Edwards

Linnell M Edwards
Elizabeth Fung Ji Eng
Peter Enright
Evans N Estabrooks
Richard (Dick) Evans
S. David Fitzgerald
Ernita Elton Fitzgerald
Jean McCartney Fitzsimmons
Jean Fraser-McHarg
Robert L Gales
Jim Gendron
Harold C Gibbs
Barbara Lynn Goode
Eric Gosselin
Donald L Grant
R David Gray
Aline Grenier

Alison Hackney
Jay Hackney
Wayne and Yvonne Hanson
Maya Harari
Serge Harvey
Susan Ann Hawker
Barbara Hermon
Erin Hogg
Stanley L Holmes
Edmund S Idziak
Philip A C Irwin
Jerry A Ivany
Linda Jacobs Starkey
Arthur Jaszczyk
Paul Jensen
Keith M Jerrett
You Jiao
Murray A Johnston
Sandra M Kawai
Timothy Keenan
Grant A Ketcheson
Chantal Kilsdonk
Peter Knox
D Clare Lamb
Alain Lapostolle
Marilyn E MacLennan Lawlor
Sara Grisdale Lawson
Daniel M Lefebvre
Andréanne Léger
Michel O Legrand
Martin Léonard
Jean B Liberty
Jeffri Lingo
Barbara and Douglas Logsdail
Jean-Yves Lohe
Gaétan A Lussier
Joy MacAulay
Harvey W MacDonald
Chandra A Madramootoo
Pooran R Manmohansingh
Pauline Mateas
Emmy Maten-Fellows
Catherine E Maxwell
Douglas George McAdam
Bob McClelland

Stewart A R McColl
Wendy McDonald
Sally Drury McDougall
Freeman L McEwen
Murray D McEwen
Julien Mercier
David Meredith
David MingieJean-Marc Montpetit
Angela Mooallim Nathaniel
Alfred A Moore
Allis C Neely
Gerald and Denise Neilsen
Ebrahim Noroozi
Stephen A Olive
Brent Parkinson
Eric Andrew Patterson
Karyn Patton
Chantal M C Paul
Sylvain Payant
W Robert Perrin
Robert Henry Picard
Thomas John Piekutowski
Susan Kearvell Pochereva
Sylvain Robert Poirier
Yves Quintin
Robert Reebs
Patricia Mae Rehel
Frans Reijmers
Howard Reitman
Geoffrey Ribek
Frédéric Rivard
Line Robitaille
Sharon Ann Rutherford
Nancy Saunders
Fraser W Scott
Allen P J Shaw
Elaine M Sheppard
Bruce Sheppard
Alexander Visvaldis Skepasts
Stephanie Smith-Rodrigue
Alan Spence
John E R Stainer
Margaret (Adams) Stedman
Michael and Anisia Steimer
Marilyn Anderson Stocker
Guntis Sukse
Ben W Thomas
Celia Moodie Topping
Wanda Leah G Trineer
Jean Michel Valiquette
Quentin Van Ginhoven
Elaine Louise Vininsky
Pierre Voyer
David Wees
William Weiler
Richard and Jill Whitaker
Barbara Belyea Wilding
Bertram C Williams
Earle A Woolaver
Ann Fook Yang
Mary E Yurkow
Claudia Zan

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