Recognize Student Participants on the CCR

This page is in development!

We are developing a new, streamlined procedure for collecting information about new opportunities for the CCR. We will continue to update this page throughout Fall 2017 as we develop new resources. Thank you for your patience as we grow to meet increased demand for CCR recognition! In the meantime...


If you are a McGill staff member, professor, or student leader offering an eligible involvement opportunity to McGill students, please myinvolvement [at] (subject: New%20Opportunity%20for%20CCR) (email us) with details about your activity and we will help you establish eligibility, train and register you on myInvolvement (student leaders | staff), write a description that will appear on students’ CCRs, and give you options for taking and submitting attendance/participation lists. Email us at myinvolvement [at] (subject: New%20Opportunity%20for%20CCR) to get started!

Click here to see a list of opportunities currently approved for the CCR.