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Request an Official CCR Form

McGill CaPS provides an official document validating a student’s achievement and involvement through McGill’s defined Co-Curricular programming. An official CCR is generally used when applying to graduate/professional programs, ​internships, grants or employment.

Any student who is requesting an official CCR must first consult their student-generated CCR to ensure that all of their opportunities are present and correct.

NOTE: We currently do not offer a French version of the official CCR.

If you are missing any opportunities, please notify the myInvolvement team at myinvolvement [at]

IMPORTANT information BEFORE completing the form:

  • You must allow at least 2 weeks for the official CCR to be sent to the indicated recipient(s) after your form is processed and approved. Please be advised that it can take longer for us to process the form during peak times in the term (i.e., start and end of the term).
  • We are not responsible for invalid email addresses or sending the official CCR before the deadlines. Please note that we only send the official CCR to email addresses from authorized recipients/agencies. 
  • Students can print an “Unofficial CCR” (student-generated CCR) by following the instructions here.

To request, fill out the Official CCR Request Form

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