Past Health and Well-being Program Challenges

Challenge yourself or your team to the past Health and Well-Being Challenges!  



February 2024

Challenge Yourself: 28 Days Sober Challenge

Learn more about this challenge by reading this article from CTV News Montreal. 

January 2024 Challenge Yourself: Bell Let's Talk Self-Care Activity
November 2023

4-Week Money Challenge

Challenge Winner: Dajnae Rousseau from University Advancement

Feb-Apr 2021 Read more about the first Healthier Together Challenge!
March 2020 Healthy eating is about so much more than food. It is also about being mindful of eating habits, cooking more often, and eating meals with others. The Health and Well-Being team is encouraging you to gather your colleagues and friends and eat together!! See the Nutrition Month Challenge document for some suggestions and how to participate.
February 2020 This month, in line with the My Healthy Workplace theme Heart Health, take the time to review measures that you can take to help reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease. Click here for details on how to take part. 20 winners will get a free cooking class! DEADLINE EXTENDED UNTIL FEBRUARY 25TH
JANUARY 2020 This month, in line with the My Healthy Workplace theme TAKE NOTICE, we challenge you to take notice of how often you buy your lunch, and instead bring your lunch to work for 4 consecutive weeks starting in January. Bringing your lunch can have numerous benefits such as financial savings and healthier choices. But do not let it chain you to your desk. Plan a brown bag lunch date with a friend or colleague. Participants will be entered in a draw to win a sustainable lunch kit. Click here for details on how to take part. Read more about the challenge here 
CHALLENGE WINNER: Elena Bernier, Administrative Coordinator- Social Studies in Medicine
DECEMBER 2019 This month, in line with My Healthy Workplace theme GIVE, we challenge you to think outside the box with your giving and give with your time, words or resources. See the GIVE CHALLENGE document for a few giving ideas and how you can participate.
This month, in line with the My Healthy Workplace theme KEEP LEARNING, we challenge you to take advantage of McGill's plethora of resources and learn something new. Organizational Development offers this development plan which allows you reflect on your own learning and development and discover a myriad of ways in which you can keep learning. Check out the following links as inspiration to keep learning: Organizational Development, Continuing StudiesMcGill Executive Institute, McGill Community for Lifelong Learning, McGill Public Lectures, McGill LibraryMcGill Personal Finance Essentials, Redpath Museum. 
The prize is knowledge!
OCTOBER 2019 We challenge you this month to attend the upcoming Health Fair! To participate in the challenge, we ask that you send 3 of your best 2019 Health Fair photos (including a selfie or a picture with you in it) to the healthandwellbeing.hre [at] (subject: October%202019%20Challenge) (Health and Well-Being team) by November 1st. Submissions will be entered into a draw to win an exciting prize for one lucky winner! Photos may be used in future communications and promotions (with photo credit).

GET ACTIVE (click here for more information)
(Registration required by September 9th). PARTICIPATE FOR A CHANCE TO WIN A FITBIT.
CHALLENGE WINNER: LINDA MCCALLUM, Associate Director, Major Gifts and Campaign, The Neuro

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