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Health and Well-being Program events


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Nutrition Month: Travel With Your Tastebuds

This year the theme of Nutrition Month is “Good For You, Dietitians Help You find Your Healthy.” Dietitians recognize that each person has their own culture and traditions, preferences, and nutritional needs. Let’s celebrate that! Join us on a trip to entice your tastebuds, be immersed in a cultural excursion, and learn a new recipe! Where will we be travelling to? You’ll have to join us to find out! In this session we will touch on the cultural, social, and emotional benefits of food, explore a cultural cuisine, share a delicious and nutritious recipe, and identify ways to connect with others through food (even virtually).

March 24th, 11:45am– 12:45pm

Courtney Fitzpatrick a McGill Dietetic Intern and Master’s student Registration closed
(Still) Living in Pandemia and Cultivating Resiliency As a full year of living in "Pandemia" and global unrest ends, we all remain in the process of adapting to uncertainty and shifting priorities. This session will provide a guided reflective space to take stock of your stress levels and coping strategies, and reconsider how you are balancing activities to foster resilience. Offering a unique format, attendees are invited to consider this as a 'time for you' and are encouraged to treat this as a podcast, keep the video off to rest your eyes, and attend in comfortable clothes and location. February 3rd, 1-2pm  Hiba Zafran an Occupational Therapist-Psychotherapist and assistant professor in the Faculty of Medicine Registration closed
Love Your Heart

Come and join us for an informative and eye-opening talk on Heart Disease by Wendy Wray RN, BScN, MScN, Director of the McGill University Health Center Women’s Healthy Heart Initiative (WHHI)

Wendy will talk about how largely preventable heart disease is, and what proactively we can, and should all be doing, to have a healthier heart and feel better. She will also share how the signs and symptoms of heart disease are different for women than many, and how women are an underserved population when it comes to heart disease. Whether for you or a loved one in your life, come and learn from an expert to help identify early signs, take action on preventing the disease and spread the word to loved ones.

February 24th, 1-2pm  Wendy Wray, Cardiovascular Nurse Clinician, founder Women's Healthy Heart Institute REGISTER ON MINERVA
Effective Tax Strategies

Details: In this session you will:

  • Develop effective strategies to minimize the amount of tax paid
  • Understand basic tax law
  • Learn how to be proactive in tax planning and detailed record keeping
  • Understand the three main categories for tax planning, reducing income subject to tax, maximizing deductions, using all allowable tax credits
  • Learn simple tips and tools to save money

This educational session is sponsored by the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada).

February 8th, 1-2pm, Antoine Boustani Registration closed
Workshop- Reflecting on Mental Health: Fostering My Resilience

The one-year anniversary of the pandemic is a milestone at which to stop and gauge how we have adapted and what remains a challenge within our everyday lives.  This three-part interactive lunch series will provide participants with knowledge and strategies to improve their resiliency. Opportunities for applying the strategies will be practiced during and between sessions. The facilitator will tailor sessions and resources to the emergent primary concerns of the participants, as such, this is a closed and confidential series with registration capped at 25. Options for anonymity will be provided 

  • Session 1: Rethinking stress and stress management following a pandemic 
  • Session 2: Activities that foster resilience
  • Session 3: Resilience at Work  
February 17th, 24th, March 10th 12-1pm Hiba Zafran an Occupational Therapist-Psychotherapist and assistant professor in the Faculty of Medicine Registration Closed
10 Healthy Habits of Financial Management

Details: In this session you will:

  • Learn how-to self-assess your level of financial fitness
  • Learn the 10 healthy habits of financial management
  • Obtain resources to help you get your finances in order

This educational session is sponsored by the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada).



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