Fellowships Competition 9

Graduate Students

Open competition launched in January 2023.

Master's fellowships are valued at $10,000 for one year and PhD fellowships at $15,000 for one year.


1 PhD Amin Akhshi Anmar Khadra Investigating sources of heterogeneity and its consequences on robust learning in sensory systems
3 PhD Sophie Sun Madeleine Sharp Cognitive phenotyping of Parkinson’s disease: Parsing cognitive heterogeneity using brain- behaviour relationships
3 PhD María José Castro Gómez Pia Wintermark Use of diffusion-tensor imaging to study repair in the injured neonatal brain.
3 PhD Donna Gift Cabalo Boris Bernhardt Mapping the reorganization of declarative memory systems in temporal lobe epilepsy
3 PhD Caitlin Walker Maiya Geddes An intergenerational social motivation intervention to increase physical activity in older adults at risk of Alzheimer's disease
3 PhD Serena Wu Rosemary Bagot An investigation of stress effects on reward encodings in the prefrontal cortex
4 PhD Yueyue Sapphire Hou Sylvain Baillet Deficits in multisensory integration of the Schizophrenic brain: mechanisms and repair
4 PhD Shama Huq Cecilia Flores Vulnerability Biomarkers: An Accessible and Time-Sensitive Approach for Mental Illness
4 PhD Hanan Mohammad Paul Clarke Therapeutic potential of biased D1R agonists in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease
4 PhD Haruka Mitsuhashi Gustavo Turecki The role of m6A RNA methylation in sex-influenced molecular changes in depression
1 PhD Filip Milisav Bratislav Misic Mapping Brain Disease to Computational Dysfunction Using Connectome-Informed Reservoir Computing
1 PhD Eleanor Hill Sylvain Baillet The Use of Ictal Aperiodic Activity to Identify the Epileptogenic Zone in Pediatric Drug-Resistant Epilepsy
1 PhD Moohebat Pourmajidian Alain Dagher Contribution of metabolism to structure and function of the human cortex in health and disease
2 PhD Dennis Drewnik Frederic Charron Uncovering the molecular mechanisms of neuronal cell migration in the cerebellum
2 PhD Shanny Foo Nathan Spreng A novel, multi-modal longitudinal approach for early detection of frontotemporal dementia
2 PhD Platon Megagiannis Yang Zhou Modulating reactive gliosis through perturbating the Chd8 gene in astrocytes
2 PhD Allison Keil Heidi McBride Defining the fate of PINK1/Parkin immune-driven Mitochondrial Derived Vesicles
2 PhD Ylauna Penalva Lisa Munter A novel culprit in glucose hypometabolism and ECM dysfunction in the context of AD
2 PhD Jonathan E. Gallego Rudolf Sylvain Baillet Neurophysiological features for predicting progression to Mild Cognitive Impairment
2 PhD Seyyed Ali Hosseini Gassan Massarweh Quantitative susceptibility mapping and oxygen extraction fraction assessments in Alzheimer's disease
2 PhD Arthur Cassa Macedo Pedro Rosa-Neto The correspondence of PET-based Braak staging with functional and behavioral impairment in the Alzheimer’s disease continuum
2 PhD Alibek Moldakozhayev Jeremy Van Raamsdonk Unlocking the Potential of Metabolic Modulation to Promote Healthy Aging
1 PhD Jana Fabienne Totzek Martin Lepage HippoCaMP: A neurocognitive model of Hippocampal Connectivity and Memory in Psychosis
1 Master's Hans Auer Boris Berhardt Bridging cytoarchitecture and brain network function in the human amygdala
1 Master's Yanan Wang Kaleem Siddiqi Exploring Astrocytic Nanostructures Using Deep Learning Automated Segmentation
2 Master's Julia Tourbina-Kolomiets Anne McKinney Elucidating Biomarkers for Purkinje Cell Vulnerability in Christianson Syndrome
2 Master's Atchaya Kanagasabai Anne McKinney Investigating neuronal cell vulnerability in ataxia.
2 Master's Houman Azizi  Alain Dagher Polygenic Risk and its Corresponding Neuroanatomical Vulnerability in Parkinson’s Disease
2 Master's Kira Feighan Timothy Kennedy Investigating the role of pre-synaptic DCC in hippocampal long-term potentiation
2 Master's Hunter Murdoch Maia Kokoeva Role of Mitotic Senescence of NG2-glia in Remyelination Impairment in MS
3 Master's Haley Renault Jesper Sjostrom Neocortical Microcircuit Rewiring Associated withe Epileptogenesis
3 Master's Mayuri Maheswaran Pia Wintermark Understanding sildenafil's neurorestorative properties after birth asphyxia
4 Master's Danae Penichet Nicolas Cermakian Molecular interactions between maternal immune activation and circadian disruptions underlying individual vulnerability to schiz
4 Master's Lyne Baaj Rachel Rabin nvestigating the Relationship between Cannabis Use, Anxiety, and Endocannabinoid Activity
4 Master's Tyler Agyekum Mallar Chakravarty An Analysis of behavioural-related microstructural variations in the human hippocampus Background and Rationale
4 Master's Camille Heguy Marie Brossard-Racine Does respiratory distress alter hippocampal development in preterm born neonates?
4 Master's Farida Zaher Lena Palaniyappan Natural Language Processing to Detect Mental State Effects of Ketamine in Depression
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