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NeuroSphere is the McGill platform dedicated to innovation and partnership in neuroscience research. Funded through Healthy Brains, Healthy Lives (HBHL), this dynamic entrepreneurship ecosystem for neuroscience and neuroinformatics helps high-potential projects to mature, accelerate and move forward towards commercialization.

As an entrepreneurial one-stop shop for principal investigators and trainees, NeuroSphere provides the McGill neuroscience community with:

  • Direct support: HBHL funding opportunities, as well as personalized mentoring and expertise in relation with the maturation and commercialization of neuroscience innovations
  • Opportunities to drive innovation: Grants and awards for trainees, along with training and workshops focused on innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Opportunities to connect: Networking events and connections with partners and investors

Funding opportunities

NeuroSphere provides funding for principal investigators and trainees to accelerate high-potential neuroscience projects towards commercialization.

Neuro Commercialization Grants

This program provides funding to researchers to support maturation activities and to enhance commercial readiness of neuroscience technologies originating from McGill and affiliated hospitals. Early-stage investments provided at defined phases of an innovation’s maturation enable validation and market connection.

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Neuro Partnerships Program

Through this program, HBHL provides funds for projects with a high potential impact on neuroscience research through existing programs offered by the CQDM and MEDTEQ+ industrial consortia.

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Bridge Funding Program

The Bridge Funding Program aims to continue to support the most promising projects in their post-Ignite Grant maturation, helps projects and technologies gain traction, and generates interest from industrial partners or investors.

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