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Seamless neuroscience data management, analysis and collaboration

NeuroHub is one of HBHL's core facilities, at the heart of its vision of big data and neuroscience. NeuroHub is a platform that solves researcher' data management needs. It allows users to collect, store and share data with colleagues or the community. NeuroHub's services provide turn-key solutions to address data management requirements from funders and high impact journals. NeuroHub also makes data analysis easier, faster and reproducible. Users can run complex tools and pipelines on high performance computing with a click of a button, saving time and resources using the platform. With NeuroHub's sharing systems, users can collaborate easily with partners around the world using a single platform that supports collection, analysis and dissemination.

NeuroHub Platform Main Features

  • Securely store and share multi-modal research data
  • Run analysis tools and pipelines easily on high performance computing
  • Access data from the UK Biobank and other datasets directly on the platform
  • Capture and curate multi-modal datasets
  • Access data in formats suitable for the development and application of Machine Learning algorithms

Further Information

NeuroHub is a neuroinformatics platform that functions as a centralized toolbox integrating an ecosystem of software tools. Through a simple web-based platform, researchers can store and analyze data, collaborate with colleagues, access large datasets and connect to high-performance computing infrastructure. The NeuroHub platform is easy to use and its suite of services supports research teams of various backgrounds including imaging, behavioural, genomics, machining learning and more. The NeuroHub portal was designed to be accessible to those with and without coding experience. The graphic user interface allows you to upload files, share data, communicate with collaborators and create projects with a click of a button. For users who are more comfortable with coding, the NeuroHub platform has a rich API layer that allows access to the full functionality of the platform. In addition, NeuroHub is integrated with high performance computing, allowing users to access data using their Compute Canada account.


NeuroHub is Funded through HBHL's Core Facilities and Technology Development Program.

Principal investigator: Jean-Baptiste Poline

NeuroHub Director of Operations and DevelopmentBryan Caron

HBHL Funding: $3,159,000

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