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NeuroHub is at the heart of the HBHL vision of big data neuroscience. Operating through a web-based interface, this platform allows access to powerful computational tools for data processing and streamlined systems for secure storage and sharing of multi-disciplinary data.

Integrating multimodal data with advanced analysis algorithms allows users to:

  1. Securely store and share multimodal data for multidisciplinary collaborative research
  2. Execute advanced searches on raw and processed data from the UK Biobank
  3. Launch small interactive and large-scale computational workflows and import results into NeuroHub
  4. Develop machine learning algorithms through big data in NeuroHub

Future updates will introduce access to datasets from the Canadian Open Neuroscience Platform, improved dataset metadata documentation, interoperability with other platforms, tools to publish research objects and more.

Get access

To register for a NeuroHub account, visit the NeuroHub portal webpage and click "Request an Account" in the bottom right.


NeuroHub is funded through HBHL's Core Facilities and Technology Development Program.

Principal investigator: Jean-Baptiste Poline
NeuroHub Director: Bryan Caron
HBHL funding: $3,159,000

NeuroHub Case Study: MRI Workflow

View a case study that shows how using NeuroHub can facilitate research in an MRI workflow.

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