Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

EDI Committee Integrated into HBHL governance structure in September 2019


Faculty, staff and trainees on the EDI Committee


All current and future funding applications include EDI components


EDI training events hosted or co-hosted by HBHL


Climate survey administered


HBHL aims to facilitate a world-leading neuroscience research and training environment at McGill. Equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) is essential to ensuring excellence and we aim to build a community where all are able to achieve their potential for success. We will build on existing institutional strengths and take action in areas requiring improvement in order to foster inclusion for all, and encourage advocacy and action throughout the university. We will leverage the opportunity provided by our funders to act as a leader in EDI, raising the standard and facilitating change at the institutional level, building on McGill's EDI plan with a particular focus in the neuroscience domain.

HBHL EDI Climate Survey 2022

In 2022, HBHL conducted an online survey focused on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI). This survey, a sequel to the inaugural 2020 climate survey, aimed to gauge the current state of EDI within the HBHL community. The primary objective was to foster transparency and inform HBHL's ongoing EDI strategy.


The survey was designed to ensure anonymity, encouraging candid participation. It encompassed various components, including identification of the respondents' roles within HBHL, demographic self-identification and a series of agreement-scale questions addressing the sense of inclusion, support and access. Additionally, it delved into experiences and observations of harassment and discrimination within the McGill environment.

Respondent Profile

The survey was completed by 274 individuals, comprising 39% trainees, 28% faculty, 27% staff and 6% in other roles. Notably, a significant proportion of respondents identified as members of one or more McGill Designated Equity Groups.

Key Findings

  1. Inclusion Sentiment: The majority felt included in various environments, but a lower sense of inclusion was noted among members of equity-seeking group, those with recent health conditions and primary caregivers.
  2. Access to Opportunities: Responses indicated disparities in perceived access to training and advancement opportunities, influenced by demographic and personal factors.

Comparative Insights

Compared to the 2020 survey, results from the 2022 survey showed a nuanced shift in perceptions and experiences regarding EDI.

  • Notably, there was a decrease in the overall sense of inclusion and access to opportunities among certain groups, particularly among members of equity-seeking groups and those with recent health conditions.
  • The proportion of respondents feeling included in their lab or office space, research institute and the broader McGill community showed a slight decline.
  • Access to training and advancement opportunities also saw varied perceptions, with some groups reporting a decrease in perceived equality of access compared to 2020.

Conclusion and Implications

These findings highlight the evolving nature of EDI within the brain health research community at McGill and underscore the need for ongoing assessment and targeted improvement strategies. The insights will guide HBHL’s actions and initiatives in the implementation of its EDI Action Plan over the final years of its mandate. We also hope that this report will provide units and departments at McGill with useful information in their own work to foster a diverse and inclusive environment.


    To file a complaint or report, inquire about McGill policies and processes, or be connected to additional supports, visit McGill's website for Reporting Harassment, Discrimination, and Sexual Violence.

    For questions regarding HBHL's EDI initiatives, ideas for future actions or collaboration opportunities, please feel free to contact krystle.vanhoof [at] mcgill.ca (Krystle van Hoof) (HBHL Managing Director & CEO) or kim.reeve [at] mcgill.ca (Kim Reeve)hbhl [at] mcgill.ca ( )(HBHL Project Manager). Any communications including identifying information or situations will be kept confidential, and no identifying information will be shared without your written permission.

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