EDI and SGBA+ in HBHL Funding Applications

As part of HBHL's commitment to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, our applications for funding require a description of the manner in which your project and/or the activities of your research team advance McGill's commitment to equity, diversity, & inclusion.

Examples of practices you may wish to refer to in your response, and implement if you have not already:

  • Measures for proactive recruitment of staff, students and trainees with diverse experiences, identities, and perspectives.
  • Ensuring that you and members of your team understand and respect the rights and duties set by McGill's Policy on Harrassment and Discrimination Prohibited by Law and Policy against Sexual Violence.
  • Communicating to team members your commitment to a positive, respectful, and inclusive work and learning environment and modeling that commitment through your engagement with colleagues and students/trainees.
  • Providing equitable access to opportunities for staff, students and trainees related, for example, to mentoring, accessing resources and data, fieldwork, authorship, or conferences and networking.
  • Setting and communicating clear and reasonable expectations for staff and students/trainees that reasonably account for and accommodate particular needs (e.g., in connection with family care or health).

For more examples of best practices to consider in your applications for funding from HBHL as well as other sources, please see the Tri-Council resource on addressing EDI created for the New Frontiers in Research Fund competitions.

All applicants for HBHL funding programs must also describe how sex- and gender-based analysis plus (SGBA+) is integrated into the proposed project. To learn more about SGBA+ and how it can and should be integrated in various types of research, please see resources from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.

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