Research Spotlight

NeuroHub: Advancing Open Science

18 Nov 2020

The rise of “big data” research has offered researchers unprecedented methods of working with enormous amounts of data to address complex questions in many fields. Working with information at this...

Young Brains on Cannabis: Making Science Accessible

9 Jun 2020

Following the recent legalization of cannabis in Canada, neuroscience research exploring the links between its use and brain development has come into the public eye more than ever. For the those...

Researching Stress During A Pandemic

17 Apr 2020

To promote physical distancing and reduce the spread of COVID-19, laboratory access for unessential research projects at many universities across the country has been temporarily suspended. This...

Touchscreens for mice: A path to understanding Alzheimer's Disease

26 Mar 2020

The McGill-Western Collaborative Grant Program currently supports seven research teams working in neuroscience and neuroinformatics.

Individual Patients Aren’t Average Patients: Personalized Approaches to Depression

18 Feb 2020

The number of antidepressants available to patients is dizzying, which can make it difficult to determine which prescription will be the best fit—it’s not uncommon for patients to try several drugs...

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