Harassment, Discrimination, and Sexual Violence

Straightforward reporting

Learn how to file a report under McGill's Policy Against Sexual Violence or a complaint under the Policy on Harassment and Discrimination Prohibited by Law.



We are experts on policy and can help you navigate the formal processes at McGill.



We are trauma-informed and approach each case with sensitivity and compassion.



We make every effort to remain objective and act as an impartial third party.



Harassment & Discrimination

Get help filing a complaint, understanding the policy, and finding additional supports.

Sexual Violence

Get help filing a report, understanding the policy, and finding additional supports.


Reach out

Contact us if you want to file a formal complaint or report, inquire about policies and processes, or be connected to additional supports.


Senior Equity & Inclusion Advisor

The SEIA is your first contact if you have questions about harassment or discrimination, if you want to file a complaint, or if you're looking for resources. McGill's SEIA is Sinead Hunt.

Group photo of Assessors


Assessors are members of the University community who investigate complaints of harassment and discrimination, under the guidance of the SEIA and the Policy.


Special Investigator (Sexual Violence)

The Special Investigator uses a trauma-informed, impartial approach to investigate all reports of sexual violence on campus. McGill's Special Investigator is Maître Caroline Lemay.

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