Fellowships Competition 6

Graduate students

Open competition launched in January 2020.

Master's fellowships are valued at $10,000 for one year and PhD fellowships at $15,000 for one year.

HBHL Research Theme Level of Study Recipient Supervisor Project title
1, 3 Master's Nadia Blostein Mallar Chakravarty The Modular Organization of Cortical Connectivity and Genetic Effects
2 Master's Alexandra Chapleau Genevieve Bernard Generation of a Cellular Model to Study EPRS1-Related Leukodystrophy
3 Master's Arielle Crestol Natasha Rajah The Effects of Menopausal Status on Memory-Related Functional Connectivity
2 Master's Alyssa Dai Mallar Chakravarty Examining the progression of microstructural biomarkers of psychosis in high-risk groups using MRI
2 Master's Ghislaine Deyab Edward Fon Human midbrain organoids as a potential tool for developing personalized medicine for Parkinson's disease patients
1 Master's Ali Fazlollahi Rolando Del Maestro Comparing the Virtual Operative Assistant to Instructor-based Instruction in Surgical Education: A Randomized Controlled Trial
3 Master's Thalia Garvock-de Montbrun Jonathan Britt Investigating the salience hypothesis of dopamine signaling through optogenetic manipulations of the mesolimbic pathway
3 Master's Elly Htite Marie Brossard-Racine Hippocampal Growth in Preterm Infants
3 Master's Max Levinson Sylvain Baillet Seeing context: neural oscillatory mechanisms of perceptual inference in peripheral vision
3 Master's Lilyan Merovitz-Budning Marc Roig Associations between brain biomarkers of cognitive decline and functional measures in adults with and without mild cognitive impairment
2 Master's Jasmine Phénix Lisa Munter The cholesteryl ester transferase protein (CETP) in Alzheimer's disease
1 Master's Sydney Sue Gustavo Turecki Predicting epigenomic signatures using a recurrent neural network in major depression and suicide
2 Master's Hannah Swick Maia Kokoeva Gila-Neuron Interaction in Neurodegeneration-Related Obesity
2 Master's Risavarshni Thevakumaran David Rudko Assessing Neurodegeneration in Progressive Multiple Sclerosis Using Multimodal High Field MRI and PET Neuroimaging
3 Master's Elly Htite Marie Brossard-Racine Hippocampal Growth in Preterm Infants
2 Doctoral Sushmetha Ananthanarayanan Mohan Frederic Charron Investigation of a novel tumor suppressor mechanism in medulloblastoma
3 Doctoral Kadjita Asumbisa Stuart Trenholm Dynamics of the head direction system following vision loss and vision restoration
1 Doctoral Abdullah Azeem Jean Gotman Using Interictal Spike Propagation to Localize the Presumed Epileptogenic Zone and Improve Surgical Outcome in Focal Epilepsy Patients
4 Doctoral Amanda Brown Gustavo Turecki Orbital Frontal Cortex of Suicides with a History of Early Life Adversity
3 Doctoral Isabella Catalano Sarah Woolley Role of the secondary auditory cortex in learning and memory
4 Doctoral Anjali Chawla Gustavo Turecki Single-nucleus ATAC-sequencing to decipher cell-type specific regulome and operative genetic variants in Major Depression and Suicide
3 Doctoral Jisoo Choi Sylvain Williams Neuronal mechanism of memory consolidation during REM sleep
3 Doctoral Can Fenerci Signy Sheldon The role of cognitive style in shaping the neural mechanisms of remembering
2 Doctoral Caitlin Fowler Jamie Near A longitudinal neuroimaging study of the effects of early versus late anti-inflammatory treatment in a rat model of Alzheimer's disease
1 Doctoral Arna Ghosh Blake Richards A Biologically-plausible Deep Learning framework to model murine visual cortex
2 Doctoral Kimberly Gruver Alanna Watt Contribution of the DCN to disease pathology in a mouse model of ARSACS
3 Doctoral Amirah-Iman Hicks M. Prager-Khoutorsky Circadian regulation of the blood-brain barrier
3 Doctoral Leonora King Ashley Wazana Resilience in the Context of Early Life Adversity: Exploring Gene-by-Environment Interactions
4 Doctoral Ivan Marbaniang Joseph Cox Using a quantitative intersectionality approach to understand the effect of discrimination on depressive symptoms and suicidal ideation in Canadian gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men
4 Doctoral Alice Morgunova Cecilia Flores Brain and circulating miR-218 expression as a predictor of vulnerability to depression-like behaviors in adolescence
4 Doctoral Laetitia Mwilambwe-Tshilobo Nathan Spreng An fMRI investigation of responses to social exclusion in lonely older adults
2 Doctoral Virginie Petel Légaré Gary Armstrong Unraveling the In Vivo Cellular Functions of Mitochondrial Proteins CHCHD10 and CHCHD2 in a Vertebrate Model of ALS
2 Doctoral Alexandra Potvin-Desrochers Caroline Paquette Neural Mechanisms of Freezing in Gait in Parkinson's Disease
2 Doctoral Gerardo Ramos Abbas Sadikot Development of a Neurotrophin Rescue Strategy in a Model of Huntington's Disease
3 Doctoral Aline Giselle Rangel Olguin Arjun Krishnaswamy The role of Cadherin 4 in the assembly of retinal circuits
3 Doctoral Sabine Rannio Jesper Sjöström Location-Specific Roles of NMDA Receptors in Synaptic Plasticity
1 Doctoral Lazaro Sanchez Rodriguez Yasser Iturria Medina Integrating Multimodal Brain Imaging Biomarkers and Eletrophysiological Recordings in Alzheimer's Disease Research
3 Doctoral Roni Setton Nathan Spreng Leveraging Semantic Memory for Goal-Directed Cognition in Healthy Aging
3 Doctoral Sujata Sinha J. Bruno Debruille Functional plasticity of cognitive processing observed across social contexts: An egg and event-related brain potential study in schizophrenia and healthy controls
3 Doctoral Sofia Skromne Carrasco Adrien Peyrache The role of cortical spindles and hippocampal sharp-wave ripples in memory function
2 Doctoral Frédéric St-Onge Sylvia Villeneuve Fingerprinting functional connectivity in the Alzheimer's disease continuum
4 Doctoral Sivaniya Subramaniapillai Natasha Rajah Sex differences in predicting age from cortical structure and its relation to memory and sociocultural factors: a multisite lifespan study
2 Doctoral Shannon Tansley Jeffrey Mogil Single cell RNA-seq to study microglia transcriptional states at various phases of pain development following nerve injury
4 Doctoral Rackeb Tesfaye Mayada Elsabbagh Investigating sleep disturbance in autism
2 Doctoral Joseph Therriault Pedro Rosa-Neto Does brain connectivity provide a framework for tau to aggregate in Alzheimer's disease?
4 Doctoral Marina Wakid Naguib Mechawar Examining blood-brain barrier integrity in depressed suicides with a history of child abuse
1 Doctoral Xuanteng Yan Georgios Mitsis & Marie-Hélène Boudrias Closed-loop neurofeedback for enhancing motor learning
4 Doctoral Chun Yao Ronald Postuma Dream Enactment Behaviors and their Indication of Neurological/Psychiatric Outcomes
1 Doctoral Wenmin Zhang Yue Li A probabilistic topic model for decoding heterogeneity in major depressive disorder with single-cell RNA-sequencing
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