Fellowships Competition 2

Postdoctoral fellows

An open competition was launched in late 2017, for which 43 complete and eligible applications were received.

Eight recipients received $60,000 (plus benefits) per year for two years.

HBHL Research Theme Recipient Supervisor Project title
2 Mari Aaltonen

Eric Shoubridge

Characterization of ER-mitochondria contact sites


Martin Carrier-Vallières

Jan Seuntjens

Integration of radiomics methods into convolutional neural networks for improved assessment of brain tumour aggressiveness
1 Benjamin De Leener Julien Doyon Development of an early diagnosis biomarker for Parkinson's disease: Exploring the combination of spinal cord and brain multi-parametric MRI
1 Alexandra Keinath Mark Brandon

Dissecting functional interactions within the hippocampal formation

1, 2, 4 Eric Plitman

Mallar Chakravarty

Biomarker discovery for psychosis

3 Jessica Slater

Caroline Palmer

Investigating timing deficits in ADHD with musical rhythm and neural dynamics


Hovy Ho Wai Wong

Jesper Sjöström

The role of axonal translation in synapse-type-specific plasticity in neocortical microcircuits

3 Maral Yeganeh Doost Lesley Fellows

Towards a neurobiological framework for rehabilitating motivational deficits after stroke

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