Fellowships Competition 4

Postdoctoral fellows

An open competition was launched in late 2018, for which 68 complete and eligible applications were received.

Nine recipients received $60,000 (plus benefits) per year for two years.

HBHL Research Theme Recipient Supervisor Project title
1 Mohamed Oualid Benkarim

Boris Bernhardt

Towards a novel precision neuroimaging and normative modelling framework: Multi-view representation learning of structural and functional connectomes


Ronan Da Silva

Stuart Trenholm

Identification of cortical circuits mediating invariant visual object recognition
4 Jibin John Lan Xiong Dissecting heritability of major psychiatric disorders using multigenerational consanguineous pedigrees aggregated with multiple affected individuals from Pakistan
4 Marie-Elyse Lafaille-Magnan Ashley Wazana

Understanding the male vulnerability in the pathophysiology of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

4 Maeson Latsko Patricia Silveira

The effects of trauma on the developing brain from a translational neuroscience perspective

3 Ram Prasad Sapkota

Alain Brunet

Reconsolidation therapy for the treatment of PTSD among survivors of human trafficking in Nepal


Konstantin Senkevich

Ziv Gan-Or

Genomic and computational analysis of GBA-related Lysosomal genes in PD

2 Rhalena Thomas Edward Fon

Single cell gene expression analysis of midbrain organoid models of Parkinson's Disease to identify pathogenic signaling pathways

2 Yashar Zeighami Alan Evans Brain Aging and Neurodegeneration: a multi-modal and longitudinal neuroimaging study
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