Fellowships Competition 7

Graduate Students

Open competition launched in January 2021.

Master's fellowships are valued at $10,000 for one year and PhD fellowships at $15,000 for one year.

HBHL Research Theme Level of study Recipient Supervisior Project Title
1 PhD Tamir Avigdor Birgit Frauscher Fast oscillations in the awakening brain: Connectivity evolution using direct cortical recordings in humans
1 PhD Abdullah Azeem Jean Gotman The Use of Multimodal Epileptic Networks to Improve Localization of the Epileptic Focus
4 PhD Lani Cupo Mallar Chakravarty Longitudinal investigation of the effects of prenatal cannabis exposure on neurodevelopment with magnetic resonance spectroscopy
2 PhD Sajjad Feizollah Christine Tardif Development of high-resolution diffusion-weighted imaging at 7 tesla for imaging cortical microstructure
3 PhD Eviatar Fields Alanna Watt Why we fall: elucidating the roll of cerebellar Purkinje cell firing in age-related motor decline
4 PhD Lisa-Marie Giorgio Reut Gruber Characterizing the Relationship Between Sleep and Environment in Children and Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders
1 PhD Vladimir Grouza David Rudko Quantitative Non-Invasive Evaluation of Myelin g-ratio Using Microstrural MRI
3 PhD Soraya Lahlou Madeleine Sharp Consolidation and selectivity of memory in Parkinson's disease
2 PhD Kevin Lancon Philippe Séguéla Dopaminergic Modulation of the Anterior Cingulate Cortex in Neuropathic Pain
1 PhD Dongyan Lin Blake Richards The formation and roles of “time cells” in hippocampus and artificial neural networks
1 PhD Charlotte Maschke Stefanie Blain-Moraes Prognosticating recovery in disorders of consciousness using machine-learning and EEG-based functional connectivity
4 PhD Alice Morgunova Cecilia Flores Brain and circulating miR-218 expression as a predictor of vulnerability to depression-like behaviors in adolescence
3 PhD Vaishali Mutreja Julien Doyon A sleep spindle mechanism for declarative memory consolidation: providing causal evidence using a targeted memory reactivation
4 PhD Lidia Panier Anna Weinberg Impacts of Maternal Depression and Parenting on Infants’ Brains and Behaviour
3 PhD Sabine Rannio Per Jesper Sjostrom Location-specific Roles of NMDA Receptors in Synaptic Plasticity
3 PhD Lynden Rodrigues Marc Roig Intensity Matters: A Comparison of HIIT vs. MICT to Promote Brain Plasticity and Cardiovascular Health in Stroke Recovery
4 PhD Quinta Seon Outi Linnaranta Culturally Adapted VR-CBT for Inuit
2 PhD Yuri Ludwig Sosero Ziv Gan-Or Modifying effect of genetic variants on risk and time to develop levodopa-induced dyskinesia in Parkinson’s disease
2 PhD Frédéric St-Onge Sylvia Villeneuve Fingerprints of functional brain variation related to age and Alzheimer’s disease
2 PhD Cécile Tissot Pedro Rosa-Neto Sleep and Alzheimer’s disease: pathology and pathophysiology
3 PhD Airi Watanabe Per Jesper Sjostrom The Role of Astrocytes in Neocortical Cellular Learning
3 PhD Joshua Wyrosdic Charles Bourque Mechanisms of Ecstasy Induced Inappropriate Vasopressin Release
1 PhD Xuanteng Yan Georgios Mitsis Characteristics of β-waves underlying transcranial alternating current stimulation
1 PhD Wenmin Zhang Yue Li Understanding genetically encoded machineries regulating gene expression dynamics in complex neurological disorders
2 Master's Tristin Best Simon Ducharme The Role of the Cerebellum and Subcortical Structures in Disease Progression and Psychiatric Symptomatology in Genetic Frontotem
1 Master's Joshua Bierbrier Louis Collins Estimation of medical image registration uncertainty in the absence of a gold standard
4 Master's Matt Fillingim Etienne Vachon-Presseau Deriving and Validating a Brain-Based Biomarker for Chronic Pain
2 Master's Hung-Hsiang Ho Simon Wing Cellular mechanisms underlying USP19 regulation of ɑ-synuclein homeostasis
1 Master's Hadis Kalantar Hormozi Mallar Chakravarty Multivariate Analysis of Cortical Morphometry across Human Brain Development
2 Master's Nathan Karpilovsky Edward Fon Genetic Modulators of α-synuclein Propagation in Parkinson’s Disease Pathology
2 Master's Julia Macintosh Genevieve Bernard Characterizing the role of Polr3a, Polr3b and Polr1c in oligodendrocyte development in vitro
4 Master's Refilwe Mpai Naguib Mechawar Characterizing cerebellar perineuronal nets in human post-mortem samples and their alterations in MDD and early life adversity
2 Master's Maria Nicole Palacio Prada Gerard Multhaup Towards preventing Alzheimer’s Dementia: Behavioral and mechanistic analysis of D-AIP’s effects on the pathology of mouse models
1 Master's Sneha Senthil Jamie Near Development of rapid high-resolution MR Spectroscopic Imaging in the human brain
3 Master's  Sophie Sun Madeleine Sharp Investigating the brain-behavior relationships in prodromal Parkinson's disease: a window to the neural basis of early cognitive
2 Master's Yara Yakoub Sylvia Villeneuve Evaluating plasma amyloid-β and tau biomarkers in association with PET measures in preclinical Alzheimer's disease
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