Fellowships Competition 5

Graduate students

An open competition was launched in Spring 2019, for which 195 complete and eligible applications were received: 68 at the Master's level, and 127 at the doctoral level.

Sixteen Master's students each received $10,000 per year for one year and nineteen doctoral students each received $15,000 per year for one year.

HBHL Research Theme Level of study Recipient Supervisor Project title
1 Master's Abdullah Azeem Jean Gotman Using epileptic networks delineated by intracranial EEG functional connectivity to improve surgical outcome in patients with focal refractory epilepsy
2 Master's Camille Cassel de Camps Christopher Moraes Addressing variability in brain organoid development: A microengineering approach to organoid models
2 Master's Alexandra Chapleau Geneviève Bernard Generating a cellular model to study EPRS-related leukodystrophy
3 Master's Rana Ghafouri-Azar Pia Wintermark Sildenafil to repair cerebellar injury following neonatal hypoxia-ischemia
2 Master's Manesh Girn Nathan Spreng Macroscale cortical organization in older adults with and without preclinical Alzheimer’s disease
2 Master's Nicholas James Gerhard Multhaup Investigating the effects of amyloid-β-42 oligomer interacting peptide on neuroinflammation in mouse models of Alzheimer’s disease
2 Master's Jake Levy Simon Ducharme Investigation of the Positron-Emission Tomography [18F]MK-6240 tau ligand as a molecular diagnostic marker in frontotemporal dementia
4 Master's Ingrid Olivia Norrmén-Smith Suparna Choudhury and Laurence Kirmayer Plasticity and epigenetics in the public sphere: Translational impacts of new research trends in epigenetics and cognitive neuroscience, for motherhood and family life
2 Master's Hazal Ozlen Sylvia Villeneuve Investigating associations between sleep disturbance, amyloid beta deposition and memory decline in individuals with a family history of Alzheimer’s Disease
3 Master's Stephania Palimeris Marie-Hélène Boudrias and Marie-Hélène Milot Combining a tailored strength training program with transcranial Direct-Current Stimulation (tDCS) to improve upper extremity function in chronic stroke patients
2 Master's Christian Rampal Gary Armstrong Investigating precision therapeutic strategies for treating the ALS-causing FUSR521H missense mutation using zebrafish
3 Master's Aline Giselle Rangel Olguin Arjun Krishnaswamy The role of Cadherin 4 in the assembly of retinal circuits
1 Master's Aaron Spahr Geneviève Bernard Building a rare disease research database for a natural history study of 4H leukodystrophy
4 Master's Christophe Tanguay-Sabourin Etienne Vachon-Presseau Brain determinants of opioid craving in chronic pain patients prescribed opioid therapy
3 Master's Airi Watanabe Jesper Sjöström Astrocytes in neocortical cellular learning
4 Master's Min Ju You Kieran O'Donnell and Michael Meaney The DNA methylome and maternal mental health: Building a biologically informed prediction model of postpartum depression
2 Doctoral Mehrdad Asghari Estiar Ziv Gan-Or and Guy Rouleau The genetics of hereditary spastic paraplegia
2 Doctoral Andrew Bayne Jean-François Trempe Characterization of the mitochondrial processing peptidase in neurodegenerative disease
3 Doctoral Taryn Berman Mathieu Roy The neural correlates of intertemporal decision-making between pain and money
3 Doctoral Matteo Bernabo Oliver Hardt Breaking bad memories: PKMζ in fear memory reconsolidation
2 Doctoral Tyler Cannon Samantha Gruenheid Intestinal infection in PINK1 KO mice triggers autoimmunity and Parkinson’s disease-like symptoms
2 Doctoral Anna Cook Alanna Watt Developmental disruption and potential therapeutic interventions in spinocerebellar ataxia type 6
4 Doctoral Lani Cupo Mallar Chakravarty The effects of prenatal THC exposure on mouse neuroanatomy, functional connectivity, and behaviour
2 Doctoral Emma MacDougall Edward Fon Using patient-derived brain models to characterize LRRK2-Rab signaling in Parkinson Disease
3 Doctoral Amanda McFarlan Jesper Sjöström The role of Vip interneuron plasticity in epileptic seizures
4 Doctoral Ivan Marbaniang Joseph Cox and Erica Moodie Understanding the role of ethnicity and socioeconomic status in the causal relationship between substance use and mental health outcomes among young Canadian gay and bisexual men
2 Doctoral Pierre-Francois Meyer John Breitner Neuro-inflammation in aging and early Alzheimer’s Disease
1 Doctoral Jeremy Moreau Roy Dudley and Sylvain Baillet Presurgical evaluation for drug-resistant paediatric epilepsy: Application of statistical learning approaches to resting-state magnetoencephalography for localisation of epileptogenic cortex
2 Doctoral Virginie Petel Légaré Gary Armstrong Unravelling the in vivo cellular functions of mitochondrial proteins CHCHD10 and CHCHD2 in a vertebrate model of ALS
2 Doctoral Alexa Pichet Binette Sylvia Villeneuve and Louis Collins Pathway-specific changes in white matter bundles with Alzheimer’s disease pathology
3 Doctoral Arielle Rabinowitz Robert Zatorre and Alain Dagher How apathy and anhedonia affect music reward in Parkinson’s Disease
4 Doctoral Kaan Salcin Marco Leyton PET [11C]Martinostat neuroimaging of HDAC expression in cocaine users
3 Doctoral Roni Setton Nathan Spreng Leveraging semantic memory for goal-directed cognition in healthy aging
2 Doctoral Stephanie Tullo Mallar Chakravarty Mapping alpha-synuclein spreading and disease progression in a mouse model of Parkinson’s Disease
1 Doctoral Mohammad Yaghoubi Mark Brandon and Blake Richards Developing deep-learning tools for understanding high-dimensional neuronal data
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