Discovery Fund for Interdisciplinary Research

The Discovery Fund for Interdisciplinary Research program aims to advance strategic and time-critical research supporting the creation of interdisciplinary teams, and to sustain complex and long-term collaborative research across multiple disciplines. Currently, the program is not accepting new applications.

Competition 1

For this first competition in Fall 2017, each of the four HBHL Research Themes was invited to submit an application based on a series of workshops held in Summer 2017 in which research priorities were identified. A panel of 14 peer-reviewers from primarily international universities was established based on lists of potential reviewers provided by all applicants. 3-4 reviewers evaluated each application and provided scores and comments. Applicants were requested to provide written responses to the reviewers' comments to improve the proposals. Reviewer comments and applicant responses were discussed by the HBHL Strategic Steering Committee, who approved funding for all four applications. Individuals expressing conflicts of interest withdrew themselves from evaluations and discussions as necessary. Funds were disbursed starting in Spring 2018.

Theme Principal Investigator Co-PIs Collaborators Project title Funding received
(over 3 years)

Bratislav Misic 

  • Doina Precup (McGill)
  • Celia Greenwood (McGill)
  • Alan Evans (McGill)
  • Jean-Baptiste Poline (McGill)


  • Alain Dagher (McGill)
  • Julien Doyon (McGill)
  • Lana Vasung (Harvard University)
  • Pedro Valdes Sosa (Cuban Neurosciences Centre)
  • Michael Hawrylycz (Allen Institute)
  • Lesley Fellows (McGill)
  • Michael Meaney (McGill)
  • Karim Jerbi (Université de Montréal)
  • Yasser Iturria-Medina (McGill)

Integrative analytics for multi-modal, multi-scale neuroscience



Alain Dagher

  • Edward Fon (McGill)
  • Thomas Durcan (McGill)
  • Peter McPherson (McGill)
  • Ziv Gan-Or (McGill)
  • Mallar Chakravarty (McGill)
  • Louis Collins (McGill)
  • Ronald Postuma (McGill)
  • Stefano Stifani (McGill)
  • Gerhard Multhaup (McGill)
  • Kelvin Luk (University of Pennsylvania)
  • Bratislav Misic (McGill)
A platform for biocomputational models of neurodegenerative disease $1,499,430

Julien Doyon

  • Robert Zatorre (McGill)
  • Sylvain Baillet (McGill)
  • Mallar Chakravarty (McGill)
  • Étienne de Villers Sidani (McGill)
  • Lesley Fellows (McGill)
  • Madeleine Sharp (McGill)
  • Julie Carrier (Université de Montréal)
  • Adrian Owen (Western University)
  • Geneviève Albouy (KU Leuven)
  • Philippe Albouy (McGill)
  • Emily Coffey (Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen) 
  • Nir Grossman (Imperial College London)
  • Bradley King (KU Leuven)
  • Bratislav Misic (McGill)
  • Stephan Swinnen (KU Leuven)

Brain plasticity mediating improved memories through online and offline stimulation methods in healthy adults and patients with a chronic neurological condition



- Lead PI

  • Michael MacKenzie

- Co-PIs

  • Laurence Kirmayer
  • Xiangfei Meng
  • Kieran O’Donnell (currently at Yale University)/Tuong-Vi Nguyen
  • Sonia Lupien (UdeM)


  • Isabelle Ouellet-Morin (Université de Montréal)
  • Michael Kobor (University of British Columbia)
  • Gerald McKinley (Western University)
  • Gustavo Turecki (McGill)
  • Robert Hemmings (McGill)
  • Celia Greenwood (McGill)
  • Amy Bombay (Dalhousie University)
  • Candice Odgers (University of California, Irvine)
  • Carl D’Arcy (University of Saskatchewan)
  • Hymie Anisman (Carlton University)
  • Kimberly Matheson (Ottawa Institute of Mental Health)
  • Anita Benoit (University of Toronto)
  • Robyn Jane McQuaid (Royal Institute of Mental Health)
  • Mindy Denny (Union of Nova Scotia Indians)
Translational neuroscience and Canadian society

Total: $1,499,270

Kirmayer: $306,600

Meng: $213,500

O'Donnell: $676,290

Lupien: $302,880

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