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    Projects Funded in Cycle 1

    Recipient Project Title Funding Received Start Date
    Anna Weinberg McGill Mini Lab $25,000 December 1, 2022
    Maxime Montembeault Innovative and inclusive cognitive assessment for older adults $25,000 November 21, 2022
    Alexandre Reynaud Communicating embodied experience $25,000 February 1, 2023
    Maiya Geddes Addressing gender selection bias in aging research $25,000 December 15, 2022

    Cycle 1 of the Cognitive Neuroscience kNowledge Exchange for Clinical Translation (CONNECT) initiative was the first in a three-year effort to do cognitive neuroscience differently.

    This first session brought interdisciplinary participants together to work on creative solutions to the question: “How might we make cognitive neuroscience research more applicable to the real world?”

    The program consisted of:

    • Professionally facilitated ‘design thinking’ sessions;
    • Interdisciplinary collaboration among individuals with complementary expertise;
    • Support for the development of innovative solutions with the potential to improve the way cognitive neuroscience is conducted—to make it more useful, applicable and generalizable; and
    • Funding for selected projects from a total envelope available of $850,000 (to be allocated across six planned cycles).
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