Lightbulbs containing luminescent brains hover over a blue background to the right of the CONNECT logo

Cognitive Neuroscience Knowledge Exchange for Clinical Translation (CONNECT)

CONNECT is a pioneering project funded through the Discovery Fund Competition 2.

This project aims to enhance collaboration, promote interdisciplinary knowledge exchange and orient cognitive neuroscience research towards clinical applications. Drawing on existing models of design thinking in research, CONNECT supports knowledge exchange, brainstorming and the formation of new interdisciplinary teams. CONNECT is developing, testing and iterating a novel applied research approach in the field of cognitive neuroscience. This approach is both innovative and inclusive, with vast potential for clinical and policy applications. Additionally, CONNECT offers seed funding for the most promising ideas arising from interdisciplinary collaborations.

  • Principal investigators: Madeleine Sharp, Anna Weinberg, Maiya Geddes, Lesley Fellows
  • Co-PIs: Boris Bernhardt, Xioqian Chai, Julien Doyon, Laurence Kirmayer, Denise Klein, Nancy Mayo, Jean-Baptiste Poline, Natasha Rajah, Mathieu Roy, Signy Sheldon, Nathan Spreng
  • Collaborators: Melanie Dirks, Reza Farivar, Nancy Low, Stuart Lubarsky, Marie-Christine Noël, Ross Otto, Soham Rej, Amir Schmuel

Learn more about the projects funded in the first three cycles of this project:

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