Fellowships Competition 3

Graduate students

An open competition was launched in Spring 2018, for which 132 complete and eligible applications were received: 50 at the Master's level and 82 at the doctoral level.

Twenty Master's students each received $10,000 per year for one year and 34 doctoral students each received $15,000 per year for one year.

HBHL Research Theme Level of study Recipient Supervisor Project title
2 Master's Heather Anderson-Keightly Frederic Charron The role of senescent cells in medulloblastoma progression
2 Master's Katrina Cruickshank Jamie Near Implications of TNFa inhibition in Alzheimer’s disease: A neuroimaging study in the TgF344-AD rodent model
3 Master's Bernat de las Heras Marc Roig Promoting brain plasticity during sub-acute stroke: The interactive role of exercise and genotype
2 Master's Alexa Derksen Genevieve Bernard Clinical, genetic, and pathophysiological characterization of non-hypomyelinating leukodystrophy
4 Master's Stefan Drakulich Sherif Karama and Alan Evans Early childhood adversity, epigenetic age acceleration, and the brain: Impacts on intelligence
3 Master's Kaitlyn Easson Marie Brossard-Racine Evaluating white matter microstructure in youth born with congenital heart disease
3 Master's Eviatar Fields Alanna Watt Understanding the cellular underpinnings of declining motor coordination in healthy ageing
3 Master's Rana Ghafouri-Azar Pia Wintermark May sildenafil repair injury to the cerebellum following neonatal hypoxia-ischemia?
1 Master's Arna Ghosh Marie-Helene Boudrias and Georgios Mitsis The use of deep learning to optimize neurorehabilitation strategies
2 Master's Manesh Girn Nathan Spreng Default-mode network resting-state dynamics in older adults with and without an elevated risk for Alzheimer’s disease
2 Master's Jacqueline Hsiao Lisa Munter Protein-protein interactions of RHBDL4 by proximity-dependent biotin identification under varying cellular conditions with analyses by mass spectrometry
1 Master's Zhenqi Liu Bratislav Misic Multimodal biotyping in psychiatric disease
2 Master's Emma MacDougall Edward Fon Rab gene expression and protein modification in PD brain models
1 Master's Victoria Madge Louis Collins Deep learning for multimodal linear registration
2 Master's Melissa McSweeney Sylvia Villeneuve Characterizing early cortical tau accumulation in late-middle-aged adults at increased risk of Alzheimer's disease
2 Master's Matthew Pilgrim Madeline Sharp Role of award sensitivity in attention deficits in Parkinson's disease
4 Master's Jose Maria Restrepo Cecilia Flores Differential effects of high and low doses of amphetamine in adolescence on resilience to stress in adulthood
3 Master's Pierre-Luc Rochon Arjun Krishnaswamy The role of sdk1 in the assembly and function of feature-detecting retinal circuits
2 Master's Chin Chia Sung Kalle Gehring Structural studies of activated Parkin
3 Master's Sonali Uttam Arkady Khoutorsky and Luda Diatchenko Investigation of gene expression mechanisms in chronic pain
2 Doctoral Fulya Akcimen Guy Rouleau and Patrick Dion Genetic analysis of restless leg syndrome
1 Doctoral Saishree Badrinarayanan Mark Brandon Role of disinhibition in the spatial navigation circuit
2 Doctoral Emily Banks Peter McPherson Unravelling the genotype/phenotype relationship of DENND5A in epileptic encephalopathy
2 Doctoral Andrew Bayne Jean-Francois Trempe Characterization of the human mitochondrial processing peptidase in Parkinson’s disease
2 Doctoral Sara Bermudez Nahum Sonenberg Altered mRNA translation in microglia implicated Alzheimer’s disease
3 Doctoral Matteo Bernabo Karim Nader Breaking bad memories: PKMζ in fear memory reconsolidation
2 Doctoral Tyler Cannon Samantha Gruenheid Gram-negative intestinal infection triggers transient parkinsonism in PINK1 knockout mice
2 Doctoral Daryan Chitsaz Tim Kennedy A novel micro-engineered culture system to unravel mechanisms underlying myelin production and pathology
3 Doctoral Christina Chou Jesper Sjöström A novel rapid plasticity mapping method
2 Doctoral Anna Cook Alanna Watt Identifying developmental disruption and potential therapeutic interventions in spinocerebellar ataxia type 6
2 Doctoral Caitlin Fowler Jamie Near A neuroimaging study of the effects of early versus late anti-inflammatory treatment in the TgF344-AD rat model of Alzheimer’s disease
3 Doctoral Isabelle Groves Oliver Hardt The role of pro-apoptotic signalling in the active decay of long-term memories
1 Doctoral Michalis Kassinopoulos Georgios Mitsis Physiological noise correction in fMRI using a fusion approach based on model-based and data-driven techniques
2 Doctoral Rahul Kumar Peter McPherson Unravelling the GTPase target of a major Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis gene C9orf72
3 Doctoral Christopher Lafferty Jonathan Britt Probing pathway-specific control of reward-seeking behaviour with in vivo optogenetic inductions of synaptic plasticity
4 Doctoral Malosree Maitra Gustavo Turecki Single-nucleus RNA-sequencing in the post-mortem brain in depression and suicide
1 Doctoral Ross Markello Bratislav Mišić Individualized models of network atrophy in neurodegenerative disorders
3 Doctoral Amanda McFarlan Jesper Sjöström The synaptic plasticity of seizure-controlling VIP INs
4 Doctoral Pierre-François Meyer John Breitner Timing the benefits of anti-inflammatory treatment for AD prevention
3 Doctoral Effie Pereira Jelena Ristic Characterizing adaptive and maladaptive thought patterns via individual variability in genetic factors and neural activity
2 Doctoral Blandine Ponroy Keith Murai Investigating neuron-astrocyte communication in brain development and neurodegeneration in Down Syndrome using iPSC modelling and human tissue analysis
4 Doctoral Angela Potes Soham Rej and Danielle Groleau A mixed methods randomized controlled trial of mindfulness-based stress reduction and mindful self-compassion adapted for university students experiencing psychological distress
4 Doctoral Maxwell James Ramstead Laurence Kirmayer System dynamics and looping effects in models of psychopathology
3 Doctoral Shima Rastegarpouyani Artur Kania Development of the ability to localize pain by studying DCC mutant mice and humans
4 Doctoral Aislinn Sandre Anna Weinberg The influence of familial vulnerability and gestational stress on neural markers of risk for anxiety disorders in infants
4 Doctoral Stephanie Scala Marco Leyton Mapping neural function in cocaine addiction
1 Doctoral Laura Estefany Suarez Bratislav Mišić Connectome-informed optimization of brain stimulation protocols
4 Doctoral Kristina Tchalova Jennifer Bartz Examining the neurochemical substrates of social buffering
2 Doctoral Joseph Therriault Pedro Rosa-Neto Unbiased assessment of global amyloid burden as determined by voxel-wise receiver operating characteristic curve analysis
4 Doctoral Neelima Vaddadi Jean Francois Cloutier Role of Kirrel3 in circuit formation in the brain
2 Doctoral Bruno Vieira Austen Milnerwood Understanding acutely-induced synucleinopathy in neurons and the influence of Parkinson’s disease gene mutations
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