Travel Awards

Applications for most of the Spring 2019 Travel Awards are now closed. Thank you to all who have participated!

The McGill Global Health Travel Awards program is designed to provide opportunities for McGill University students planning to travel for global health projects. Students have access to a variety of travel awards from the McGill Global Health Programs (GHP). The program supports students participating in global health projects internationally or in Canada.  

Students working with underserved populations either in Montreal or elsewhere should also review our Global and Local Community Awards, and more specifically the Alex W. Strasberg MD CM 1921 and Harvey M. Weinstein MD CM 1967 Global Health Award.

General information:

What are the general requirements of the Travel Awards program?

  • Only McGill students, postdocs, and residents are eligible for GHP travel awards. Criteria for the Bubbie and Nanny Global Health Travel Award and the McGill International TB Centre Travel Awards may differ slightly.
  • No program cost/fees will be covered. Travel support for conferences will not be supported (except the McGill International TB Centre Awards).
  • Travel cannot be completed before the application deadline for the awards (except for the Chan Prize in the fall).
  • Student travel to a country with a DFATD-3 or higher (avoid all non-essential travel or avoid all travel) warning is not encouraged and will not be funded by any of these awards. To view the latest travel advisories click here.
  • Travel Awards are non-transferrable to another student or trainee.
  • Travel Award recipients have twelve months to complete their travel as described in their applications starting from the day they receive their award letter.
  • If a student or trainee is unable to travel to the destination for which the application was submitted they must contact the Global Health Programs as soon as they know. On a case by case basis, the situation will have to be evaluated to determine if the award can be deferred (up to 6 additional months considered), used for an elective in another location, or must be declined.
  • A student or trainee is eligible for only one award from GHP for the same trip.
  • Students must remain registered with McGill as either a full or part-time student, postdoc or resident for the entire duration of their trip. Criteria for the Bubbie and Nanny Global Health Travel Award and the McGill International TB Centre Travel Awards may differ slightly.

How do I apply?

The chart below details application timing and eligibility criteria. You can click on the name of the award for more information about award criteria and eligibility. Travel to international settings for a clinical or research placement requires careful forethought and planning. Please consult our website on electives for more information and resources. 

What else should I know? What is expected of travel award winners?

  • Recipients of the Travel Awards Program will have to complete a mandatory Pre-Departure orientation prior to the start of their trip. Faculty of Medicine clinical students (MDCM, Nursing, PT/OT) will have to complete the online Faculty of Medicine Pre-Departure Training Modules if they are traveling outside of Canada (including the USA for MDCM students) for a family medicine clinical rotation (core rural), elective, placement, observership, or research project.
  • Travel Award recipients must do a poster presentation on their research or project at Global Health Night (November 2018)
  • A post-travel report about your research or project must be submitted within 6 weeks of your return to the Global Health Programs Office. Students can submit their report by going to the Post-Travel Reports for Award Winners area in the Travel Awards section of our website.


Please note that in the award descriptions "developing country", or "low or middle income country" refers to countries listed as per the World Bank listings (up to and including upper-middle-income economies). For awards including"underserved" or "under-resourced" areas or populations, applicants must make the case that their placement fills the requirement in their essay.


Award Name

Application Period

MDCM students


Undergraduate students

Graduate Students

Postdoctoral Fellows


Alex W. Strasberg MD CM 1921 and Harvey M. Weinstein MD CM 1967 Global Health Award

Spring term X X        
Ambassador Paul Frazer Travel Award for Global Health Spring term       X (MscPH students only)   Email mscph.eboh [at] (subject: Interest%20in%20Frazer%20Travel%20Award) (Eileen) for more information

Ashworth Student Travel Award

Fall and Spring Terms




Bubbie and Nanny Global Health Travel Award ongoing  

(residents in pediatrics or pediatric neurology only)
Healthcare professionals involved in a McGill project overseas are also eligible

      Rolling application--interested applicants should email kristin.hendricks [at] (subject: Interest%20in%20Nanny%20and%20Bubbie%20GH%20Travel%20Award) (Kristin) at GHP.

Dr. Alice Benjamin Global Maternal and Child Health Awards

Fall term X X
(Preference given to OB/Gyn Residents)

X (Faculty of Medicine)

X (Faculty of Medicine) X (Faculty of Medicine)  

Dr. Freda M. Omaswa Travel Award for the Study of Infectious and Tropical Diseases

Fall term X        


Elaine E.L. Wang M.D.,C.M. Travel Award Fall term X        


Gail Carson Award

Spring term     X (Nursing only) X (Nursing only)    

Global and Indigenous Health Nursing Travel Awards

Spring term     X (Nursing only) X (Nursing only)    
Global Health Travel Awards for Postgraduate Medical Residents Fall and Spring terms   X      


Luger-Mikelberg Travel Award for Global Health

Fall term X  

X (Nursing, PT, and OT only)

X (Nursing, PT, and OT only)



Mary A. Metcalf International Travel Fund

Fall term



X (Faculty of Medicine)

X (Faculty of Medicine)



McGill International TB Centre Travel Awards Fall and Spring Terms       X (TB Centre members only) X

(TB Centre members only)


Medical Class of ’84 Student Bursary

Fall and Spring Terms

X (Year 3 or 4)






Norman Bethune Awards for Global Health 

Fall and Spring Terms

      X (Faculty of Medicine only) X (Faculty of Medicine only)


OMAF Scholarship

Fall and Spring Terms 







SPOT Global Health Travel Awards (School of Physical and Occupational Therapy)

Fall term




X (SPOT only)





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