Global Health Night

Global Health Night 2017-2018 was held on November 7, 2017 at Centre Mont-Royal.


Global Health Night is an annual event held to highlight and foster the involvement of students and faculty at McGill in global health related fields.


4:30-6:00pm Cocktail and Poster Session (with book signing by Laurie Garrett)

6:00-7:30pm Program including keynote address by Laurie Garrett and the honouring of our 2017 award recipients


During the wine and cheese reception, guests will have the opportunity to browse student poster presentations. Students and student groups from all backgrounds and disciplines presented posters about their global health-related experiences, clinical rotations and projects! More about the poster fair.

This year, we are extremely happy to have none other than Laurie Garrett, Pulitzer-Prize Winning Journalist Specializing in Global Public Health & Foreign Policy Voice Writer and Author of The Coming Plague and Betrayal of Trust, as our keynote speaker.

About Laurie Garrett

Laurie Garrett is one of America’s most trusted speakers on global public health, infectious disease, and, recently, the Ebola crisis and the emerging Zika virus. The only person to win the three P’s of journalism—the Pulitzer, the Polk, and the Peabody—she explains the science behind new threats, and navigates the politics that help, and hinder, how we prepare and how we respond to them. 

During the Ebola crisis of 2014, Laurie Garrett offered unrivaled commentary on Twitter, through her blog, and as the go-to expert in the media. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff—General Martin E. Dempsey—took to Facebook to praise Garrett and her book The Coming Plague, writing that “its lessons in how disease has shaped human history are uncannily relevant to today’s Ebola crisis ... this book is worth the read to understand infectious outbreaks like Ebola and how we’re shaping our national response.” Today, she’s doing the same for the new Zika epidemic, providing up-to-date intelligence on its scope and severity, and the search for a vaccine.

A Senior Fellow for Global Health at the Council on Foreign Relations, Garrett is the bestselling author of The Coming Plague: Newly Emerging Diseases in a World Out of Balance, Betrayal of Trust: The Collapse of Global Public Health and I Heard The Sirens Scream: How Americans Responded to the 9/11 and Anthrax Attacks. She has written for Foreign Affairs, Esquire, and The Washington Post, and appears frequently on television shows, such as Nightline, Charlie Rose and Oprah.

Garrett was a script consultant to Contagion, the film directed by Steven Soderbergh and starring Matt Damon. She is a former president and now a member of the National Association of Science Writers, and has been awarded several honorary PhDs, the latest from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. She is also serving as a co-chair on the UNAIDS High Commission on HIV Prevention.    

Award winners

Steinberg Global Health Postdoctoral Fellowship

  • Shaun Cleaver, School of Physical & Occupational Therapy
  • Wenhua Wang, Department of Family Medicine
  • José Ignacio Nazif-Muñoz, Institute for Health and Social Policy (renewal)
  • Toyin Togun, Department of Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Occupational Health, & McGill International TB Centre (renewal)

Steinberg Fund for Interdisciplinary Global Health Research

  • A Collaborative Partnership to Develop Smoking Cessation Interventions in Nunavik
    • Faiz Ahmad Khan, Amrita Daftary, and Nathalie Boulanger,
  • Men as protagonists in improving maternal and child health: Intervention research in marginalized indigenous communities in Guatemala
    • Anne Cockcroft, Monica Ruiz-Casares, and Luis Rolando Raiz Bekker
  • International Health Regulations Compliance in India: The Politics of Global Health Security
    • Raphael Lencucha, NichoIas King, and Seema Sahay
  • Measuring progress towards the first UNAIDS 90-90-90 target in sub-Saharan Africa
    • Mathieu Maheu-Giroux, Catherine Hankins, and Shelley Clark

Innovative Solutions for Planetary Health: seed grants for interdisciplinary research

  • A Pilot Study of the Acute Cardiovascular Impacts of Exposure to Traffic-Related Air Pollution and its Oxidative Potential Among Adults in Urban Colombia
    • Jill Baumgartner and Omid Rouhani

Global Health Scholars

  • Aleksandra Pruszynska, Human Nutrition, Health and Disease
  • Alexa Franczak, Law
  • Allister Smith, Medicine
  • Anudari Zorigtbaatar, Medicine
  • Carla Achcar, Pharmacology and Biotechnology
  • Fionn Adamian, History
  • Harry Kim, Microbiology and Immunology
  • Jasleen Ashta, Cognitive Science
  • Katherine Duncan, Physiology Liberal Program, Minor Hispanic Studies
  • Maria Rueda -Martinez, Nursing
  • Matt Desruisseaux, Medicine
  • Matthew Malone, Law
  • Maya-Lhanze Lama, Honours International Development Studies
  • Mehar Gujral, International Development Studies
  • Nathalie MacKinnon, Medicine
  • Nirros Ponnudurai, Medicine & MBA
  • Paulami Sen, Microbiology & Immunology
  • Sonia Anchouche, Medicine
  • Tassia Araujo, Environmental Sciences - Ecological Determinants of Health
  • Tian Yi Chen, Medicine
  • Weimeng Ding, Medicine

MDCM awards

Alex W. Strasberg MD CM 1921 and Harvey M. Weinstein MD CM 1967 Global Health Award
  • Koray Demir
Ashworth Student Travel Award
  • Clément Bélanger Bishinga
  • Natasha Caminsky
  • Julia Greenfield
Dr. Freda M. Omaswa Travel Award for the Study of Infectious and Tropical Diseases
  • Philippe-Antoine Bilodeau
Dr. Milan K. Sen Travel Award in Global Health Surgery
  • David Paterson
Elaine E.L. Wang M.D.,C.M. Travel Award
  • Kate MacNaughton
Luger-Mikelberg Travel Award for Global Health
  • Natasha Caminsky
Medical Class of ’84 Student Bursary
  • Anaëlle Massenet
  • Rami Darwich

The Medicine Class of 1965 International Health Student Fund

  • Alexis Semeschuk
  • Emily Yung
Osler Medical Aid Foundation (OMAF) Scholarship
  • Alexis Semeschuk
  • Rouan Gaffar

 The Dr. Yuk Chan Ma and Dr. Yuen Kok Chan Prize in Multicultural and International Medicine

  • Anaëlle Massenet
  • Valerie Caldas

Ambassador Paul Frazer Travel Award for Global Health

  •  Bidjinie Coriolan, MSc – Public Health
  • Sean MacKnight, MSc – Public Health

Mary A. Metcalf International Travel Fund

  •  Christina Klassen, MSc – Psychiatry
  • Vaidehi Nafade, MSc – Epidemiology

Norman Bethune Awards for Global Health

  •  Alison Kutcher, MSc – Nursing
  • Chamila Anthonypillai, Occupational Therapy
  • Ga Eun Lee, MSc – Public Health
  • Jonathan Huang, EBOH
  • Juan Pimentel, PhD – Family Medicine
  • Pauley Tedoff, Epidemiology
  • Zahra Kamal, MSc – Public Health

School of Physical and Occupational Therapy Global Health Travel Awards

  •  Elizabeth Rutkowski
  • Julianne Brown
  • Melissa Lamble

Global and Indigenous Health Nursing Travel Awards

  •  Alexandros Halavrezos
  • Alissa Bates
  • Elisabeth Perrett
  • Haley Abugov

McGill International TB Centre Travel Awards

  • Emily MacLean
  • Hannah Alsdurf
  • Madlen Nash
  • Stephanie Law
  • Sophie Huddart
  • Vaidehi Nafade

Global Health Travel Awards for Postgraduate
Medical Residents

  • Aly Kanji, Internal Medicine
  • Alessandro Carini Gutierrez, Residency Family Medicine
  • Anh Tram Stephanie Tran, Internal Medicine
  • Annie Lecavalier, General Internal Medicine
  • Etienne St-Louis, General Surgery
  • Ling Yuan Kong, Infectious Diseases and Medical Microbiology
  • Marnie Goodwin, Internal Medicine
  • Olivier Veilleux, Internal Medicine/Hematology
  • Samuel De l'Étoile-Morel, Internal Medicine

Bubbie and Nanny Global Health Travel Award

  • Heather Dawn Davis
  • Anne-Claire Pâquet-De Varennes
  • Marie-Pier Dumas
  • Maude Lafontaine Hébert

Dr. Donald A. Henderson Prize for Outstanding
Global Health Research

  • Dr. Mathieu Maheu-Giroux, Department of Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Occupational Health
    •  “Population level impact of an accelerated HIV response plan to reach the UNAIDS 90-90-90 target in Cote d'Ivoire: insights from mathematical modeling”
  • Dr. Julia von Oettingen, Department of Pediatrics
    •  “Population Survey of Iodine Deficiency and Environmental Disruptors of Thyroid Function in Young Children in Haiti”


Congratulations to all!

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