Global and Local Community Awards

Submissions for the Alex W. Strasberg MD CM 1921 and Harvey M. Weinstein MD CM 1967 Global Health Award and the Dr. Yuk Chan Ma and Dr. Yuen Kok Chan Prize in Multicultural and International Medicine are closed. Meet the 2021 recipients.

The following global and local community awards are available to McGill students and residents working with underserved populations in Montreal or elsewhere. Please click on each award to learn more about these opportunities and the application process. 

Opportunities offered by McGill Global Health Programs

Alex W. Strasberg MD CM 1921 and Harvey M. Weinstein MD CM 1967 Global Health Award

Established in 2016 by Rhona Weinstein (née Strasberg) BA 1967, MA 1969, and Harvey M. Weinstein BSc 1963, MD CM 1967, in honour of Rhona’s late father, Alex W. Strasberg, MD CM 1921 and Harvey M. Weinstein, MD CM 1967, both pioneers and advocates in clinical work and research related to vulnerable populations.

An immigrant to Canada, Dr. Strasberg was among the earliest Jewish students to graduate from McGill Medicine. He became a urologist on staff at the Jewish General Hospital and the Royal Victoria Hospital, conducted research, and taught in the Department of Urology at McGill. He devoted his practice to treating the poor and was for many years the physician of choice for many in the Montreal Chinese immigrant community.

Dr. Weinstein trained as a psychiatrist at Yale University and worked in university student health at Stanford University as well as in hospital and private practice settings. In later years he earned a public health degree from UC Berkeley and devoted his time to research and policy in refugee and immigrant health. Author of two books and numerous articles, he also became involved in human rights scholarship and advocacy about how countries respond to ethnic cleansing and genocide.

Awarded by the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences upon recommendation of the Director of Global Health Programs to provide support for undergraduate medical students or post-graduate residents in the Faculty who are engaged in global health research and/or clinical training related to immigrant, refugee, and aboriginal/indigenous populations, in Canada and abroad. Support may include funds for travel, housing, research, and/or clinical experiences. Preference will be given to projects of merit and projects with cross-disciplinary perspectives as well as faculty support. The value of this award will vary.

Dr. Yuk Chan Ma and Dr. Yuen Kok Chan Prize in Multicultural and International Medicine

This award is for a project that has ALREADY been completed. Established in October 2006 by Dr. Alice Chan‐Yip, M.D., C.M. 1962,in memory of her late parents, the prize is awarded annually by the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences Scholarship Committee to a medical student who participates in a Canadian multicultural or international elective, research project or community service experience of at least four weeks. The prize (up to $1000) will be awarded to the student who presents the best project demonstrating an understanding of the contribution of social and cultural factors to health


Opportunities external to the GHP office

NCD Program Summer Visitorship Fund

This grant is for healthcare and allied professionals, faculty, and/or medical residents from a low-income country, who wish to further their professional development while conducting a scholarly research project in the area of noncommunicable diseases. This grant is designed to cover expenses for a 1- to 2-month visit to McGill University and its affiliated health centers. The application can be done by an individual OR by a team regrouping at least one resident, faculty, and allied healthcare professional. The applicant(s) need(s) to submit a scientific project which can be - at least partially - accomplished in the given time frame. Applicants should be proficient in either French, English or both. The application can be submitted in either language.

Applicants need to be sponsored by a McGill faculty with an expertise relevant to their research project. This person can be contacted by the applicants, or in the event that applicants cannot find a McGill sponsor by their own means, the GNCDP can assist in finding a match.

The funding provided for this competitive grant is of CAD$5,000 per grantee.

About the Summer Visitorship program

The McBurney Fellowship Program

The McBurney Fellowship Program provides support to students who plan to travel to Latin America in order to participate in a program or project that improves the health status and/or social conditions of marginalized populations in Latin America. Students must be registered toward a degree program as a full time graduate or undergraduate student at McGill at the time of their fellowship. For more information and to apply please visit the fellowship website.

Faculty of Medicine Graduate Program for International Travel

This funding opportunity is open to all Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences graduate students building global linkages and international networks through the pursuit of exceptional research experiences at research institutions or workshops outside of Canada. Travel must not be for conferences. Learn more about the program.

Elaine E.L. Wang M.D.,C.M. Humanitarian Prize

Established in 2015 by Elaine E.L. Wang, M.D.,C.M.'77, for a graduating student of the M.D.,C.M. program in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences who has demonstrated excellence in humanitarian care and a caring attitude in his or her work. This may include, for example, work with a global health organization, or work with disadvantaged, homeless or stigmatized populations and patients locally in Montreal, within Canada, or abroad. Awarded by the Faculty of Medicine and Health Scienceson the basis of academic standing and demonstrated commitment to the betterment of society and the health care system.  Elaine E.L. Wang M.D.,C.M. Humanitarian Prize application form (please scroll down to the bottom).

Graduate Research Enhancement and Travel Awards (GREAT Awards)

Established encourage graduate students to study and conduct research outside of Canada as part of their McGill degree program. Students will be awarded a Graduate Mobility Award based on nomination by the academic unit/department and Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences nomination.  About the GREAT Awards.

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