The Ability to Adapt

15 Nov 2021

Last February, when Civil Engineering students Èvane Amico (B.Eng’23) and Evelyn Zhang (B.Eng’22) logged onto the first Canadian Engineering Competition (CEC) to take place online, they weren’t...

Meet our New Faculty Members

1 Oct 2021

We’re pleased to introduce the new professors who have joined the Faculty of Engineering since Fall 2020. Learn more about them, their research, and what they’re most excited about working on at...

Faculty of Engineering launches fellowship program in support of Indigenous and Black students

1 Jun 2021

The Faculty of Engineering is pleased to announce the launching of the Indigenous and Black Engineering and Technology Momentum (IBET) Fellowship.

Vassil Kroumov: Engineer at heart helps prospective students

18 May 2021

As a mechanical engineering student, Vassil Kroumov joined engineering competitions, then went on to organize them, to lead them, and finally to win them....

Sophia Roy: Helping students navigate a pandemic

18 May 2021

When the COVID crisis cancelled a lot of internships last summer, Sophia Roy and another student set up virtual classes “to help young [high school] students continue learning science online, which...

Rules of the road: the navigational "strategies" of bacteria in motion

11 May 2021

Bacteria that move around live on the edge. All the time. Their success, be it in finding nutrients, fending off predators or multiplying depends on how efficiently they navigate through their...

Pioneering research suggests feasibility of cheaper, more powerful batteries

6 May 2021

As the world pivots en masse to renewed commitments to reducing greenhouse gases and harmful emissions, the demand for high-performance, inexpensive batteries will continue to grow. But the current...

Meet some of the teams of McGill Design Day 2021

7 Apr 2021

McGill Design Day is an annual event celebrating the achievements and innovation of undergraduate students in the Faculty of Engineering. This year, the event takes on the virtual format to...

Benoit Boulet appointed Associate Vice-Principal, Innovation and Partnerships

24 Mar 2021

Martha Crago, Vice-Principal, Research and Innovation, has announced the appointment of Benoit Boulet as Associate Vice-Principal, Innovation and Partnerships (I+P), effective June 1, 2021, for a...


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