TISED celebrates 10 years of building a foundation for sustainability

This past June, TISED brought together students, researchers, and donors in celebration of its 10th anniversary. The Institute, which was established through the vision and support of Ram Panda (BEng’71) and Lorne Trottier (BEng’70), has been driving interdisciplinary research, teaching, and collaborations in sustainability for the past decade. Now the institute is poised to make an even greater impact with the launch of its Master of Engineering: Sustainability in Engineering and Design program this Fall.

Featured at the event were former Dean, Prof. Jim Nicell, TISED Director, Prof. Subhasis Ghoshal, Lorne Trottier, and three students whose academic and professional careers have been bolstered by TISED’s support, Keena Trowell (PhDEng'22), Mohamed Awadalla (PhDEng’24), and Amanda Del Balso (BEng’23). Current Dean, Prof. Viviane Yargeau and Ram Panda were also in attendance.

Trowell recently accepted a position as Assistant Professor at McMaster University’s Department of Mechanical Engineering. “There is a straight line between my experience here at TISED and my appointment at McMaster the year of my graduation! Congratulations to TISED for developing such a global and profound reach in 10 years!”

The event highlighted the urgency of addressing the profound environmental challenges our world is currently facing, and the significance of the institute’s work in bringing together experts from across McGill, empowering students, and advancing policies to create a more sustainable future.

In the words of former Dean Nicell, “TISED has become an incredibly important and integral part of the Faculty of Engineering and the University itself. Effectively it’s a foundation stone upon which we will build the next century.”

(l to r): Ram Panda, Lorne M. Trottier, Subhasis Ghoshal, and Lorne Trottier

Click to View a recording of the 10th anniversary celebration.

This article was originally published in Dean's Report

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