Inspired by nature to design the materials of the future

8 Nov 2022

The threats that bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella can pose to humans are widely understood, but what of their potential to engineer new materials? This is one of the questions Noémie Dorval...

New Faculty Members Fall 2022

26 Oct 2022

We’re happy to introduce the new professors who have joined the Faculty of Engineering this Fall. Get to know more about them and their research below....

Penguin feathers may be secret to effective anti-icing technology

24 Oct 2022

Ice buildup on powerlines and electric towers brought the northern US and southern Canada to a standstill during the Great Ice Storm of 1998, leaving many in the cold and dark for days and even...

Flatworm-inspired medical adhesives stop blood loss

13 Oct 2022

Every year around 2 million people die worldwide from hemorrhaging or blood loss. Uncontrolled hemorrhaging accounts for more than 30% of trauma deaths. To stop the bleeding, doctors often apply...

IEEE honours Faculty of Engineering profs

4 Oct 2022

McGill professors David Plant and Lawrence Chen, both from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, were celebrated at the recent Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers ...

Beyond textbooks

22 Sep 2022

In the beginning of May 2022, six McGill engineering students and one biochemistry student flew to Honduras for seven days to design a community-wide water system with Global Brigades, a non-profit...

Using local building traditions and community voices in designing more sustainably

12 Sep 2022

How can urban planners, architects, and engineers incorporate nature-based solutions to build resiliency and sustainability in our communities? The 9th annual Trottier Symposium on Sustainable...

Halo from MIF award lights way to more success for nano-scale project

18 Jul 2022

Call it the halo effect. But after securing an award from the McGill Innovation Fund (MIF) in the winter of 2021, Professor Changhong Cao’s project on nano-scale measurements has been going from...

Mechanical Engineering prof set for epic cycling/recycling tour

29 Jun 2022

Larry Lessard says he has two passions in life – cycling and recycling. For the next year, the mechanical engineering professor will be using both to fuel a trip of a lifetime....


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