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16: Montérégie


Montérégie-East Region Health and Social Services Human Resources Development Project


Townshippers' Association  


Potential Partners include, but are not limited to: Agence de la santé et des services sociaux de la Montérégie; Educational institutions, such as: McGill University, Concordia University, Bishop’s University, Champlain Regional College, Dawson College, John Abbott College, Vanier College, Eastern Townships School Board; Place aux jeunes; Centre Jeunesse de la Montérégie; Carrefour Jeunesse-Emploi des Cantons-de-l’Est; Health and Social Service providers such as, but not limited to: Brome-Missisquoi Perkins Hospital, CSSS La Pommeraie, CSSS de la Haute-Yamaska, Brome-Missisquoi Caregivers Support Group, Avante Women’s Centre, Oasis Mental Health, Horizon pour Elle, Foster Pavilion, Hôpital de Granby


Through this project, Townshippers’ Association will continue to collaborate with various institutions and organizations in the health and social services sector of the Montérégie-East region to help them better understand the needs of the English-speaking community. This will be done in a joint effort to recruit and retain English-speaking bilingual health and social service professionals in the region. We will:

  • Help the institutions and organizations in the health and social services sector adapt existing recruitment policies in order to encourage the recruitment of English-speaking professionals. This, in turn, will benefit the institutions and organizations, as well as the English-speaking community;
  • Assist in the recruitment of English-speaking students to the Montérégie-East region and work to ensure a successful completion of their field placement with a local health and social services provider, all the while helping to secure employment for the students following their internships;
  • Assist in the development of lasting collaborations and partnership agreements between the teaching institutions and the Montérégie-East health and social services network to ensure the continuity of the recruitment and retention of English-speaking professionals in the region;
  • Demonstrate the benefits of living in the Montérégie-East region of the Eastern Townships;
  • Ensure the return of Montérégie-East born professionals following the completion of their studies;
  • Ensure that the health and social service needs and priorities of the English-speaking community are understood, and met, throughout the network and by collaborating institutions;
  • Develop an initiative to encourage English high school students to consider careers in the Health and Social Services sector, either in the Montérégie-East region or elsewhere in Quebec.

BUDGET ALLOCATED FOR 2010-2013 : $57,850 


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