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07: Outaouias


The Outaouais Recruitment and Retention Project for Health and Social Services Professionals


English Network Resource in Community Health (ENRICH)  


Agence / Access Committee / CSSSs, Outaouais CEDEC and the Regional Association of West Quebecers, Heritage College, Western Quebec School Board


The Outaouais Health Professional Recruitment and Retention Project supports the health and social services, education and community sectors in designing and implementing a recruitment and retention strategy with the objective of increasing the number of English-speaking health and social services professionals in region 07.

As a community project submission, the Outaouais Health and Social Services Network’s (OHSSN) role will focus on activities such as the development of promotional materials and activities that support and promote information on health and social services careers, the arrival and integration of students in the region and effective collaboration with regional partners.

BUDGET ALLOCATED FOR 2010-2013 : $51,850

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