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03: Capitale-Nationale


Image de marque et outil de promotion polyvalent pour soutenir la campagne de recrutement/rétention de stagiaires et de personnel bilingue pour les services sociaux et les services de santé de la région de la Capitale-Nationale (Brand image and multi-purpose promotional tool to support the recruitment/retention campaign for bilingual, health and social services interns and staff in the Capitale-Nationale region)


Partenaires communautaires Jeffery Hale     


The project partners represented on the working committee:

Jeffery Hale Community Partners, Jeffery Hale Hospital – Saint Brigid’s, Voice of English-speaking Quebec (VEQ), Ville de Québec, Agence de la santé et des services sociaux de la Capitale-Nationale, representatives of the CSSS de la Capitale-Nationale, Direction régionale de santé publique (evaluation), CEGEP Champlain St-Lawrence, Commission scolaire Central Quebec, a representative of l’Université Laval, Community Health and Social Services Network (CHSSN). 

The following will be invited to meetings dealing with the needs analysis and the choice of scenarios and tools:
Representatives from school boards, CEGEPS and universities in the Capitale-Nationale region, the MSSS (direction with regard to the access programs), representatives from the access committees of other regions interested and others to be determined.

Given the similar problems and already existing links, the Société Santé en français, which, throughout the rest of Canada, is concerned about access to health services in French for Francophone populations, will also be called upon throughout the project and may be a potential user of these adaptable tools.


The project consists of designing, creating, using and evaluating an adaptable communication tool which can be used in several contexts, in support of strategies aimed at recruiting and retaining interns and bilingual staff for health and social services. The project is aimed at the Capitale-Nationale region; however, other regions will also be kept informed of its development and can, from the outset, express their needs or concerns to the project committee. They can then, of course, have access to this adaptable tool. Said tool will consist of a PowerPoint database with texts, images, audio, video clips and animation. Portions of these PowerPoint slides could also be extracted to create secondary slides related to various communication strategies in the health and education fields and the socioeconomic environment in the Quebec City area.

BUDGET ALLOCATED FOR 2010-2013: $75,000

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