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Project 2004-2008


Better access... in their language

The Training and Human Resources Development Project, under the aegis of McGill University, is intended to ensure English-speaking Quebecers have better access, in their own language, to the full range of health and social services available to the population as a whole. The project responds to an emerging context of modernization of the health and social services system, new legislation governing the organization of work and demographic changes affecting English-speaking communities. In this respect, it ties into the system's initiative to implement a new clinical organization of services. Above all, the project is an additional tool to support the implementation of regional access programs of services in English, in accordance with the Act respecting health services and social services.

The objectives are to ensure English-speaking people receive effective communication in their language from the health and social services professionals serving their needs; and to increase the number of English-speaking professionals working in the health and social services system.

Poster of regions

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Four measures have been implemented over a four year period:

Over a four year period, starting July 2004, four measures have been implemented:

Measure 1:

Language training program including English second language training for francophone professionals in each region, French second language training for English-speaking professionals working in a francophone institutional milieu and development of distance educational materials to support language instructors and learners;

Robin Albers
Robyn Albers, from Gatineau’s Heritage College, uses innovative techniques in her classroom to improve the English language skills of the region’s health care workers.

Measure 2:

Retention and distance professional and community support initiatives to encourage English-speaking professionals and English-speaking students to move to or stay in the regions;

Montreal East Team
In 2008, eight students participated in community nursing internships at four English schools in Montreal’s East End. From left to right starting from the front row- Valerie Rea, Clara Lauture, Julie Crépeau-Boisvert, Julie Laliberté; second row- Rebecca Yeung, Perle Arcand-Lussier, Elizabeth Murphy-Lavallée, Mayari Linares Recinos.

Measure 3:

Seminars and conferences are intended to suppport communication among professionals and share best practices;

Photo of participants
In September 2008, participants in Measure 1 (Language Training Program) and Measure 2 (Retention and Distance Professional and Community Support Initiatives) of the McGill Training and Human Resources Development Project gathered in Montreal for a seminar aimed at reviewing the Project’s prospectus for the years 2008-2013.

Measure 4:

Measure 4 consists of an innovation fund supporting local and regional initiatives involving projects for retaining English-speaking personnel in the regions.

MCDC team
The Megantic English-speaking Community Development Corporation (MCDC) team, directed by Suzanne Aubre, has put in place a very successful internship program in collaboration with the McGill Project. From left to right – first row- Peter Withcomb, Ann Marie Powell, Maureen Small, Aline Visser; second row- Hélène Doré, Julie Gagné; back row- Suzanne Aubre, Myriam Gayrard.

This project is financed by Health Canada as part of its program to support Quebec initiatives with a view to improving access to health and social services for English-speaking people. A global budget of $11.9 million is allocated to develop, apply and evaluate these measures.

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