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15: Laurentides


Laurentian Regional Internship Placement System


4 Korners Family Resource Center  


CHSSN – Network Partnership Initiative, Réseau de l’Est de l’Île pour les services en anglais (REISA), Laurentian English Services Advisory Network, (LESAN) Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board (SWLSB)


This project will establish a comprehensive information structure for English health professional interns to access Laurentian regional health care organizations. The goal is to make the process seamless for all stakeholders. Public health and social service priorities will be respected while Anglophone students are exposed to internship opportunities in the Laurentian region. Positive intern evaluations will increase employment opportunities when positions become available. It is the intention of this project to attract Anglophone students to the professional and social benefits of working in the Laurentian region.

Promoting opportunities in the Laurentian region will be undertaken at all levels of the education and health care systems. This information structure will complement the provincial Health Services Placement Network” (HSP Net) through the promotion of internships. Stakeholder involvement in the planning and assessment process will assure a flexible structure that evolves with ever-changing needs. As a region, the Laurentians have much to offer young professionals. The promotion of the region will ultimately benefit all involved, in particular the English speaking community.

BUDGET ALLOCATED FOR 2010-2013 : $75,000

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