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"Better Communication for Better Care"

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These return of service bursaries are designed to give Quebec health and social services institutions access to a larger pool of graduates capable of providing services in both English and French. Get informed.

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Our website is currently being updated. All information related to Phase 3 (2014-2018) of Dialogue McGill is from now stored under “Archives”.

Better communication for better care 

Dialogue McGill, the McGill Training and Retention of Health Professionals Project, contributes to Quebec’s initiatives to ensure that English-speaking Quebecers have access to the full range of health and social services in their own language through measures designed to build and maintain a sufficient complement of health and social services personnel capable of providing services in English.

The project is an additional tool to support the implementation and enhancement of regional programs of access to public health and social services in English as provided for in the Act respecting health and social services.  

Dialogue McGill is now in its 4th phase (2018-2023).

For more information concerning previous phases, please consult the Archives.

Dialogue McGill’s objectives are:  

  1. To provide language training and retention initiatives so that public health and social service professionals have opportunities to improve their ability to provide services in English and to practice where they can meet the needs of the English-speaking population of Quebec.
  2. To promote research and information sharing on approaches to reducing barriers to public health and social services access for English-speaking Quebecers.

These objectives are being met through 3 complementary programs:


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