This website is no longer updated...

This Website is no longer updated

Oups, this website is outdated! But Dialogue McGill has a new website!

Research and Evaluation Program

Our website is currently being updated. All information related to Phase 3 (2014-2018) of Dialogue McGill is from on now stored under “Archives”.

Dialogue McGill's Research and Evaluation Program supports research projects to address access and delivery of health and social services to English-speaking communities in Quebec, and program evaluation for all its initiatives using evidence-based approaches and various knowledge translation activities.

Dialogue McGill's Research Objectives

  1. Understand the ways in which access to health and social services by linguistic minorities may be limited by linguistic and cultural barriers.
  2. Identify and develop strategies through which identified barriers may be overcome or reduced.
  3. Increase dissemination and adoption of knowledge, strategies or best practices which can address the health concerns of minority language communities. 
  4. Expand this emerging field of study.
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