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Student Research Stipends

This call is currently closed. Visit this page again for the 2023-2024 funding announcement

Dialogue McGill’s Research Program promotes innovative research on facilitating access to health and social services for English-speaking communities in Quebec. Undergraduate and graduate students with relevant research interests can obtain a research stipend for one academic year.

Students supervised by a faculty member/independent researcher who lead research projects that align with our research mandate are invited to submit a proposal to Dialogue McGill for funding.

Funding Details


Undergraduate | $2500

Graduate | $5000


Dialogue McGill's research mandate focuses on understanding the key factors that facilitate or impede access to health and social services for Quebec’s Official Language Minority Communities.

Our main objectives are to support, consolidate and expand a growing body of original and interdisciplinary research on the equity and quality of service access for linguistic minorities. The long-term objectives of these initiatives are to provide effective health and social services in the minority language to Official Language Minority Communities in Quebec.

To meet these objectives, Dialogue McGill funds student research projects that improve the access and delivery of healthcare and social services by generating new knowledge or by evaluating initiatives in applied settings.

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