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Think about the woman sitting alone in a crowded emergency room waiting to speak to a triage nurse, only to find out that she doesn't understand a word of English. Who is taking care of her?

You can help!

For English-speaking Quebecers living in rural areas, predominantly French-speaking parts of Québec, and even those in major cities, access to English-language health and social services is limited. Tens of thousands of Quebecers are not getting the care and services they need in their language. You can be a voice for change.

The McGill Training and Human Resources Development Project (THRDP) is an initiative of McGill University funded by Health Canada as part of the Contribution Program to Improve Access to Health Services for Official Language Minority Communities.

Together, we can be a voice for better care in Québec.

Get involved as a student

Are you currently studying in a health or social services-related field like nursing, social work, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, communications disorders or nutrition? Participate in an internship in an under-served area.
Read about the experiences of other students.
Put your education to good use.

Get involved as a healthcare professional

Are you currently working in an under-served area and are interested in becoming a student supervisor and mentor?
Read what other supervisors have to say.
Be a mentor and make a difference.

Get involved as a healthcare institution

Are you interested in welcoming a student or hosting an internship that will improve the services you offer your clients?

Reach out to Québec's English-speaking communities.

McGill University's Training and Human Resources Development Project (THRDP) is a unique initiative committed to improving English-language health care services in Québec. We believe that every English-speaking Quebecer is entitled to receive health and social services in his or her mother tongue. We have been connecting people - schools to students and students to institutions - since 2005: people who, like us, believe that there is a solution to the lack of English language resources in Québec's health and social services fields.


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