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Measure 1: Language Training Program

The McGill Language Training Program is designed to better equip the health and social services network to provide English-language services that meet the needs of the English-speaking population through the provision of language training courses for professional purposes. For detailed information on the orientations, target clientele, objectives, structure and content as well as the partner contribution, program schedule, criteria for analyzing training proposals, program funding and budget allocation please consult the Language Training Program Frame of Reference.

The Program has three components:

  1. English for professional purposes for French-speaking network personnel interested in improving their English language skills in order to adequately serve Quebec’s English-speaking clients in their language;
  2. French for professional purposes to improve the ability of English-speaking personnel to communicate within the health and social services network, where French is the working language;
  3. Activities intended to support trainers and learners.

The language training courses are organized and offered on a regional basis according to local and regional needs and priorities.  Eighteen regional health and social service agencies were asked to submit 2010-2013 language training projects for the personnel of the institutions and community organizations of their respective regions.  Projects were submitted and approved in all of the eighteen regions foreseeing the training of more than 6000 health and social services personnel over the three year period.

The support activities for trainers and learners are intended for training organizations, trainers and learners themselves.  They include coaching partners in the use of tools developed and support for trainers through distance professional development workshops, the evaluation of teaching materials, and the posting of Resources for language trainers and Resources for language learners on the Project website. Other activities are meant to provide customized teaching materials for trainers and students, including Self-Study Workbooks.

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