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Community Networks

Seventeen of the projects submitted by community networks to the Training and Retention of Health Professionals Project for 2009-2013 were retained and received financial support. These projects...

16: Montérégie

PROJECT TITLE Montérégie-East Region Health and Social Services Human Resources Development Project ORGANIZATION Townshippers' Association  

15: Laurentides

PROJECT TITLE Laurentian Regional Internship Placement System ORGANIZATION 4 Korners Family Resource Center   PARTNERS CHSSN – Network Partnership Initiative, Réseau de l’Est de l...

13: Laval

PROJECT TITLE Community Health Promotion in a School Setting – Services for Students with Reading Difficulties ORGANIZATION AGAPE

12: Chaudière-Appalaches

PROJECT TITLE Internship and Retention in Chaudière-Appalaches and Arthabaska-Érable ORGANIZATION Megantic English-Speaking Community Development Corporation (MCDC)   

11: Gaspésie-Îles-de-la-Madeleine

CAMI CASA Vision Gaspé-Percé Now PROJECT TITLE Networking and Partnering to Establish a Sustainable Recruitment and Retention Promotional Strategy for the Magdalen Islands Region ...

09: Côte-Nord

Coasters Association, regular project Coasters Association, special project (2010-2011) North Shore Community Association (NSCA) PROJECT TITLE Retaining and Maintaining English Health and...

07: Outaouias

PROJECT TITLE The Outaouais Recruitment and Retention Project for Health and Social Services Professionals ORGANIZATION English Network Resource in Community Health (ENRICH)   PARTNERS ...

06: Montréal

CCS Community Services, Regular project CCS Community Services, Special project (2011-2012) REISA PROJECT TITLE Community Health Promotion in a School Setting – The Learning Difficulties and...


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