Certificate in Public Administration and Governance

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Les professionnels dans le secteur public : une denrée rare!

"En constante augmentation, la demande pour des professionnels dans le secteur public peine à être comblée, le nombre de diplômés étant inférieur à la quantité de postes à combler."


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Required Courses
Foundation of Organizational Behaviour and Administration.
This course covers diverse theories and applications such as perception, motivation, decision-making, team dynamics, negotiation, conflict management, leadership, and organizational culture. Levels of analysis are on the individual, team and organizational level.
Fundamentals of Project Management.
Fundamental principles and best practices of project management essential to the successful development of projects or other complex undertakings within an organization; includes methods for defining, planning, and scheduling activities and resources.
Human Resource Management: Theory and Practice.
This course provides a comprehensive overview of human resources management (HRM) and an understanding of the strategic role HRM plays in the work environment. It introduces students to current HRM concepts, skills and practices, focusing on both theory and its practical application. Topics include: human resources planning, job analysis and design, recruitment selection and retention, training, performance management, organizational development and change, compensation and benefits, labour relations, legal issues, and strategic issues and challenges in HRM.
Managing in Public and Non-Profit Organizations.
This course provides learners with the knowledge, competencies and aptitudes necessary for managing and leading both private businesses and organizations in the not-for-profit sector. Topics include governance, community services, community systems, management vs leadership style, and understanding the differences between strategic and operational planning, with an emphasis on financial and human resource management.
Strategic Planning and Implementation.
Theory and practice of strategic management required to facilitate strategic thinking and planning in organizations in response to changing conditions. Topics in stakeholder analysis; transforming strategic plans into policies and programs, assessing organizational performance, deploying resources, quality control, strategic communication, planning, problem solving, progress assessment; completion and evaluation.
Fundamentals of Public Finance, Budgeting and Reporting.
Covers public finance; characteristics of budgeting; public funding; basics of fiscal analysis; concepts and terminology in financial reporting; cash management, monitoring and evaluation of budget performance.
Foundations of Public Regulations and Ethics in Public Sector.
Fundamental elements of the Canadian legal system; legal environment of Canadian public administration, law, institutions and processes; principles of public sector ethics; relationship between ethics, accountability and good governance.
Lean Operational Practices in Public Services.
Lean principles and methods that can be applied to meet the demands for efficiency and quality in the public sector, encompassing a value-oriented approach to process improvement through waste elimination, flow, demand pull and perfection aiming to achieve operational excellence.
Current Issues in Public Sector Administration.
Current challenges and opportunities facing managers in the public sector. Management tools and concepts being used in the public sector offices, and how specific management issues are addressed within the departments.
Diversity and Cross Cultural Management.
Impact of culture and diversity as major factors in managing national, international and multicultural relations within a global context and the challenges and opportunities faced. Effect on interpersonal interactions, intergroup interactions and the management of multi-cultural workforces in terms of cognition and behaviour, communication, leadership, employee engagement and negotiation. Case studies, research methods and experiential learning will facilitate theory and practical applications.


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