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Professional Development Certificate in Front End Web Development

Programming Your Future : Kickstart Your Career As A Web Developer

Programming Your Future : Kickstart Your Career As A Web Developer

Thinking of a career in web development? Join us for Programming Your Future: Kickstart Your Career As A Web Developer. Led by former Google Software Engineer and McGill SCS Faculty Lecturer and Program Coordinator for IT programs, Jacques Le Normand, MBA, the session will cover the latest shifts, trends and challenges in web development and explore how you can capitalize on opportunities in this fast-growing field.

Watch the Session (PW: aPX7rPTN)

Building and Publishing a Website

Building and Publishing a Website

During the session, former Google Software Engineer and Faculty Lecturer, Jacques Le Normand, will guide you through the process of building and publishing a website. You will learn what HTML and CSS are, why they’re so important, and how you can use them to create content for the web. You will also learn to use the free web publishing platform Glitch letting you publish your webpage and share with anyone.

Watch the Session (PW: pSrWaPW4)

Google Code for Remarketing Tag - Bloom

PDC Online Information Session

Online Information Session

Wondering if a McGill Professional Development Certificate is for you? Get answers from our on-demand info session and learn about topics offered, delivery method, our approach to learning and teaching, tuition fees and how to apply. Plus, hear from actual students who will talk about their experience and how the program they chose helped them achieve their professional aims.

Watch the Session (PW: zZB3D32U)


Required Courses
YCIT 001 HTML Development Fundamentals (4 CEUs)
Fundamentals of HTML including how HTML pages are structured, some of the semantic elements that can be added to an HTML page, and how to choose the best syntax for the web pages. Focus on the core HTML5 client application development skills that will run on today's touch-enabled devices (PCs, tablets and phones).
YCIT 002 CSS Fundamentals (4 CEUs)
Fundamentals of CSS. Using the latest version of CSS. Focus on creating basic styles, and how to attach these styles to elements of an HTML page. Addresses the most important elements of CSS, starting with selectors, which connect the style rule to HTML, using pseudo classes and pseudo elements.
YCIT 003 JavaScript Fundamentals (4 CEUs)
Object-oriented programming and how it differs from traditional procedural programming, including JavaScript: graphical user interfaces, code for responding to button clicks (known as event-driven programming), using the latest ECMAScript6 standard.
YCIT 004 JavaScript Libraries (4 CEUs)
JavaScript library, where it can be downloaded from, and how its files are structured. JavaScript libraries such as jQuery, jQuery UI, Polymer library, Dojo Toolkit, WebGL, and Three.js.
YCIT 005 CSS Libraries (4 CEUs)
CSS library, where it can be downloaded, and how its files are structured. CSS libraries will include Bootstrap, Font Awesome, Hover, and Animate.
YCIT 006 TypeScript (4 CEUs)
Primary language features that TypeScript creates on top of JavaScript and how each of these features compiles into plain JavaScript. Benefits that TypeScript adds to make ECMA Script a more full-fledged object-oriented language.
YCIT 007 JavaScript Frameworks (4 CEUs)
One of the most popular JavaScript frameworks such as Angular, React, or Vue. How to incorporate JavaScript with the exciting JavaScript framework to provide rich user interactions in web pages, interact with back-end services to store, retrieve data from the web server, and create robust web application.


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