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Professional Development Certificate in Digital Content and Community Management

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PDC Online Information Session

Online Information Session

Wondering if a McGill Professional Development Certificate is for you? Get answers from our on-demand info session and learn about topics offered, delivery method, our approach to learning and teaching, tuition fees and how to apply. Plus, hear from actual students who will talk about their experience and how the program they chose helped them achieve their professional aims.

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Courses & Workshops

Required Courses
YCBS 110 Current Trends in Digital Communication (4.5 CEUs)
Whether you have experience with digital applications or not, this course will ensure your grasp of digital media is solid and up-to- date.
YCBS 111 Content Creation (4.5 CEUs)
Creating original content for digital platforms is a fundamental skill in managing new media.
YCBS 112 Social Media Strategies and Community Management (4.5 CEUs)
Learn everything you need to design, implement, manage, and evaluate social media campaigns.
YCBS 113 Strategic Digital Communications (4.5 CEUs)
Develop digital communications with key stakeholders, even in times of crisis.
YCBS 114 Content Strategy (4.5 CEUs)
Develop skills in creating online content architecture, including website construction, management strategies, and implementation.
Student Review
Completing the Professional Development Certificate in Digital Content and Community Management is something I recommend for anyone looking to learn more about the digital landscape and take their skills to a new level. It’s excellent both for total beginners and experienced marketers alike. This program helped me refine how I plan my digital campaigns with a framework that teaches us not to just be led by the features of the tools we are using, but by focusing on people and purpose. I also learned how to better analyze the results from my content marketing by understanding how to differentiate between vanity metrics and metrics that actually matter in the content marketing ecosystem. Furthermore, meeting people from various industries with various life and work experiences to share was great. The program is definitely worth the investment!
Marie-Claire Asseko
Advisor, Demand Generation and Campaign Management, BDC
Student Review
In the past few years, digital content and social media have changed so much that I felt it was time to update my knowledge and skills. I felt the Digital Content and Community Management program and felt it was exactly what I needed to provide my company with knowledge that we didn’t have internally. The program design was excellent with each class and topic building on what we learned previously, from blog writing and digital advertising to digital listening, analysis and content architecture. Each course gave me skills I could apply directly to my day to day and it’s changed the way we are approaching marketing in my company. Plus, along this journey we had talented, motivated and passionate teachers which really helped in the learning process! If you are in Marketing and you want to know the latest trends, changes, channels and best practice, take! It will make a massive difference in your abilities and confidence as a marketer.
Danik Dancause
Marketing Director, La Verrerie Walk
Student Review
I recently completed the program, and for anyone who has been thinking of applying, I highly recommend it. The program is taught by those in the field. They bring to class real-world experience that is relevant to today’s ever-changing digital landscape. The work was hands-on and applicable to any organization that has a social or digital footprint. It was also a great networking opportunity be it with the students, who were mostly likeminded professionals, and those who taught the modules.
Martin Spalding
Regional Vice-President and General Manager, Radio & Television, Bell Media – Quebec
Student Review
As a freelance translator and copywriter, I was looking for a way to update my skills and provide more value to my clients. I chose this program because I felt it would give me the knowledge I wanted, but not be to “heavy”, since I don’t have a marketing background. I am glad I did. I learned so many things, lots I had never heard before and lots that I can apply in my industry. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to expand their marketing abilities, even if you do not have a marketing background. The material is great, the teachers keep it interesting and best of all, the class ambiance helps you learn from other professionals like yourself.
Claire Bou Nassif Chahine
Translator and Copywriter
Student Review
I wanted to do this program to improve my digital marketing skills, be able to create winning digital strategies and manage communities effectively. I enjoyed the practical focus on designing content strategies in a competitive and content-filled world. The most valuable part of the program for me was the course assignments which were directly applicable to our professional realities. One such assignment was a digital audit. I chose to do this for the organization I work for, which helped me to see our efforts in a new light and refine our strategy. I would definitely recommend to this program to anyone who to learn practical skills they can use immediately. If you would like to master social media strategies, community management and content strategy, this program is for you.
Hanane Khales
Communications Coordinator, DisAbled Women Network Canada - Réseau d'Action des Femmes Handicapées du Canada (DAWN-RAFH Canada)


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