Certificate (Cert.) Translation: French/English into Spanish Option

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Required Courses
CCTR 227 Spanish Translation 1. (3 credits)
An introduction to the principles of translation through careful analysis and translation of selected texts with a view to building competence in translating from English and/or French into Spanish.
CCTR 232 Documentation and Terminology/Documentation et terminologie. (3 credits)
Skills needed for research in documentation and terminology; on- and off-line use of databanks, Internet resources as well as various forms of records and corpora; introduction to MT (machine translation), CAT (computer-assisted translation) and localization.
CCTR 237 Writing Techniques (Spanish). (3 credits)
Winter 2019
Practice in writing clearly and concisely, respecting the rules for written expression. Use of all the stylistic resources afforded by the language to make the text idiomatic and readable, including various specialized discourses such as advertising, business correspondence, résumés and press releases.
CCTR 317 Comparative Stylistics: Spanish/English/French. (3 credits)
Linguistic and stylistic comparisons among English, French and Spanish in relation to the practical study of translation. Comparative structural analysis of the languages is used to outline the common problems of translation and to develop strategies for dealing with them. Emphasis on grammar, syntax and style.
CCTR 331 Current Trends in Translation Studies . (3 credits)
Spring/Summer 2019, Winter 2020, Spring/Summer 2020
Introduction to prominent trends and discourses in translation studies. Text-centered approaches to the study of translation, including the analysis, contextualization and application of central concepts to describe translators' practices, followed by the study of sociological approaches. Empirical case studies selected will analyze the social conditions of production and dissemination of translations, as well as the agents and institutions that shape translation processes and practices, including translators’ professionalization.
CCTR 340 Introduction to Spanish Text Revision. (3 credits)
Principles of evaluating and correcting texts written in Spanish or translated into Spanish from English or French. Proofreading techniques and editorial practices. Relationship between translation and text revision.
CCTR 360 Spanish Translation 2. (3 credits)
Winter 2019
The emphasis of this course is on translation from English/French into Spanish. Material chosen for this course will cover those areas which at the moment are in greatest demand: law, material related to international agreements on the environment; computer science, etc. / Cours de traduction anglais/français-espagnol. Les documents étudiés pendant le cours couvrent des sujets particulièrement d'actualité : droit, accords internationaux sur l'environnement, informatique, etc.
CCTR 437 Spanish Translation 3. (3 credits)
Translation and localization of materials/texts from French and/or English into Spanish. Concentration on specialized domains including management, finance, and international and monetary economics.
CCTR 438 Spanish Translation 4. (3 credits)
Winter 2019
Translation and localization of materials/texts from French and/or English into Spanish. Concentration on specialized domains including technical, legal, medical, and computer technology and software.
Complementary Courses
CCOM 205 Communication in Management 1. (3 credits)
Winter 2021, Fall 2021, Fall 2019, Winter 2020
Written and oral communication in Management (in English): emphasis on strategies for identifying, analyzing, and solving writing and speaking problems. Course work based on academic and professional communication in management.
CCTR 230 Précis-Writing / Contraction: texte. (3 credits)
This course is intended to give translators additional training which will be of practical use in their work. The emphasis will be on the understanding and analysis of texts in order to determine the essential elements needed in précis writing. Exercises based on varied French and English texts are intended to familiarize students with the preparation of texts of a practical nature, e.g. reports, minutes, abstracts. The objective of the course is to train students to summarize a given text accurately and concisely in a way that respects the form and sophistication of the original text and exploits the idiomatic nature of the language./ Ce cours vise à donner au traducteur une formation complémentaire utile à son travail. L'accent sera mis sur la compréhension et l'analyse du texte pour en dégager les éléments essentiels à partir desquels l'étudiant aura à rédiger un résumé. Exercices à partir de textes français et anglais variés visant à donner à l'étudiant l'habitude de rédiger des textes d'ordre pratique : comptes rendus, procès-verbaux, condensés. L'objectif sera d'arriver à une expression juste et concise respectant la forme et le niveau du texte, la correction et le caractère idiomatique de la langue.
CCTR 401 Independent Studies: Translation. (3 credits)
Winter 2019, Winter 2020
Research, reading and special projects, permitting independent study under the guidance of a staff member specializing in the field of interest. Projects will have to be arranged individually with the instructors. A detailed study proposal must be submitted to the Director during the first week of class. / Recherche, lecture et projets spéciaux, permettant des études indépendantes sous la direction d'un membre du personnel spécialisé dans le domaine choisi par l'étudiant. Les projets doivent être conçus individuellement avec les chargés de cours. Projet d'étude détaillé à présenter au directeur pendant la première semaine de cours.
CCTR 441 Traduction Littéraire-Français. (3 credits)
Translation (English into French) of prose of literary quality ranging from the critical essay to the descriptive or psychological novel.
CCTR 442 Literary Translation-English. (3 credits)
Translation (French into English) of prose of literary quality ranging from the critical essay to the descriptive or psychological novel.
CCTR 500 Translation Practicum. (3 credits)
Winter 2019, Fall 2019, Winter 2020
Students produce translated texts in a simulated translation office. A reviser will work with students under the guidance of the course instructor. The Practicum provides access to technology and documentation while teaching basic skills in practice development. / Les étudiants traduisent des textes à un service de traduction virtuel. Un réviseur travaillera avec les étudiants, en collaboration avec le chargé de cours. Accès à certaines technologies et à de la documentation.
CCTR 504 Professional Contexts. (3 credits)
Introduction to the national and international contexts of professional practice in translation. Students will be sensitized to models of governance, deontology and practice organization, practice management and the translation industry. Particular attention will be paid to the internationalization of translation markets as well as marketing strategies in today’s digital world.
Ce programme m’a apporté exactement ce que je recherchais. J’ai vraiment aimé le processus d’apprentissage, mais j’ai aussi aimé travailler avec d’excellents chargés de cours et rencontrer des collègues aux parcours différents. C’est fantastique.
Joanne P
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