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Write Like a Pro: Online Information Session

Wednesday, September 7, 2022 12:00to13:00

 Online Information Session

Whether you want to perform better in your current job, earn a raise or promotion, or otherwise advance in your career, writing is one of the most critical essential skills. Top-notch professionals, who are also excellent communicators, have a thorough understanding of their audiences, write clear and error-free texts, get their message across with impact, and structure information in the right tone and style to achieve their specific business objectives.

However, this can be especially challenging if the language you are using is not your mother tongue. So how can you develop the skills and intuition needed to understand your audience; find the right words, style and tone; and avoid errors so that your writing achieves its aim?

Join us for Write Like A Pro, a free online info session to discover how McGill’s 100% online, self-paced English writing program, Written English for Workplace Communication, can help you learn how to write well in English

The session will be hosted by Bryan Johnson, Program Coordinator at the McGill School of Continuing Studies.

We'll discuss:

  • Program features
  • Flexible schedule
  • How the online courses work
  • Program levels
  • Placement test and admission requirements
  • Tuition and fees

This session will take place in English, but participants can ask questions in English or French.

Watch the Replay Passcode: mGCBZ5MV
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