Write Like a Pro: Information Session

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Whether you want to perform better in your current job, earn a raise or promotion, or otherwise advance in your career, writing is one of the most critical soft skills. Great business writers understand their audiences, write clear and error-free texts that get the message across with impact, and structure information in the right tone and style to achieve their specific business objectives, whether gaining buy-in from a supervisor on a new project or winning over a new client.

However, this can be especially challenging if the language you’re writing in is not your mother tongue. So how can you develop the skills and intuition needed to understand your audience; find the right words, style and tone; and avoid errors so that your writing achieves its aim?

Join us for Write Like A Pro, a free bilingual online info session in which we’ll explore the keys to learning how to write well in English or French when it’s your second, third or fourth language.




Discover the program at https://www.mcgill.ca/scs-write


For more information, please contact language.conted [at] mcgill.ca


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