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Working from Home: How to Effectively Manage your Workday

Thursday, April 30, 2020 12:30to13:00


Effective time management and staying focused is essential if you want to continue hitting your deadlines when you're working from home. Learn how to prioritize and organize to avoid procrastinating or losing focus by "switch-tasking" and add an extra layer of structure to your day.

This webinar will also help you to reduce distractions and recurring interruptions. You will learn how multitasking negatively affects your productivity as well as ways to break overwhelming projects into manageable pieces.


Robert Wise

Robert Wise (PPCC) is a veritable champion in the fields of Revolutionary Executive Coaching, Team Coaching, Sales Training and Company Branding. Robert has effectively employed a sure-fire blend of education, work experience, marketing, “street” smarts and an insatiable passion for success to become a phenomenon in the realm of self-help. Robert has created, launched and co-founded the acclaimed RISE Anxiety & Depression Clinic, putting viable, drug-free life solutions at the fingertips of individuals, couples and families.

Renowned as a Life Coach, Robert possesses an uncanny ability and proven expertise to zero in on the Achilles heel in any situation and take immediate steps to replace weaknesses with empowerment. Often compared to a “warrior,” Robert’s tenacious coaching style delivers optimal results in life, team building and employee motivation and satisfaction.

Robert is a sought-after speaker within the self-help circuit. He has been a guest speaker at countless engagements on inspirational and results-oriented topics.


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