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Value Propositions for Data Projects

Monday, January 31, 2022 17:00to18:00

Join us to learn how to understand and construct value propositions for data projects. More specifically, learn about the various lines of business, the context of projects, dealing with multiple and simultaneous key performance indicators and calculating the value added’s.

About Your Speaker

Jonathan Guzzo, CFA - Vice President, ALMT Forward Looking Metrics and Monitoring at BNP Paribas in Montreal. He is a highly analytical and experienced professional who has had a progressive career in financial markets, treasury, risk management, and operations. His domain expertise includes quantitative finance, data science, risk analytics, and business intelligence. In addition to being a CFA charter holder, Jonathan has a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from Concordia University, a Professional Development Certificate in Data Analytics for Business from McGill School of Continuing Studies and a Master’s Degree in Analytics from McGill University.

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