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Navigating Crisis and the Future of Aviation Management: Success Stories from SCS Alumni

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The airline industry has been rocked by the pandemic, but aviation industry extends far beyond passenger air transport. From drones, autonomous flying vehicles, evolving supply chain management practices to move freight around the world and even a reinvented passenger air travel industry, business and career opportunities in the aviation industry will be plentiful in a post-COVID world.

During this interactive session, we will explore the future of the commercial aviation  industry in a discussion with professionals from organizations such as Airbus, Air Canada, German aerospace engineering firm Lillium Jet, and Chinese e-commerce platform Meituan. The Webinar panelists are all alumni of McGill’s Diploma in Integrated Aviation Management who have managed to weather the COVID storm and remain employed despite the odds.

They will share their stories and provide insights on the changes, challenges and opportunities to come in this rapidly transforming industry.

The agenda includes the following topics:

  • What sectors of the aviation industry have fared best during this COVID crisis?
  • How will civil and commercial aviation continue to change in a post-COVID world?
  • What areas of the aviation industry are likely to eventually benefit from growth and present more rewarding and secure career opportunities?
  • What opportunities are there for careers in related industries that focus on autonomous flying vehicles, drones, freight, and the like


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